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Warning: Spoilers for The Conjuring 2 are lurking below!

Earlier this week a good friend of mine said she had not yet seen The Conjuring 2, so needless to say I dragged her to go see it even though I had already caught it opening night. Other than getting to laugh every time she jumped, I had a chance to pay more attention to the way the movie was shot and what was going on in the background. And what I found was that there are Easter Eggs hidden ALL OVER the movie that I completely missed the first time around. Here's some thematic music to read along to:

'What Are These Easter Eggs,' You Ask?

The demon's name, Valak, is shown to us four separate times throughout the movie, well before the story tells us what it is or why it is so important. Yes, you read that right. James Wan gave us the secret to defeating the demon throughout the entire movie.

1. Valak Is Shown In Colorful Blocks On The Window Sill

2. Valak Is Shown Written On The Wall Next To Lorraine

3. Valak Is In The Wooden Blocks On The Shelf Next To Lorraine

Excuse the quality, this one was hard to get!
Excuse the quality, this one was hard to get!

4. Lorraine's Daughter Was Spelling Valak In The Bracelets She Was Making (A Bit Hard To See, But It Was Definitely There)

And there you have it...well played James Wan, well played.


Did you notice these easter eggs in 'The Conjuring 2'?


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