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When the name Patrick Warburton is mentioned, a few major roles of his are remembered, whether it's Puddy from Seinfeld, Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove, or even Joe Swanson from Family Guy. No matter which role comes to mind first, there's one role that is nearly everybody's favorite of the actor's: the title character in the live-action adaptation of the New England Comics character, The Tick.

The critical darling that lasted a measly nine episodes on Fox is a cult classic among fans, who found the show funny and a fantastic adaptation of the comic, which creator Ben Edlund helped write and executive produce. After many years of fan complaint and subtle hints from Warburton himself about a revisiting of the character, it looks like our dreams are finally coming true.

It was announced back in August 2014 that Amazon Studios was looking into making a new series, and just this March it was announced that Warburton would not be stepping back into the blue suit, but that British actor Peter Serafinowicz (Shaun of the Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy) would be replacing him. And after four months since the last update of Jackie Earle Haley's casting as the villain The Terror, the first photos from the series have been released, and they definitely set the stage for a great reboot.

Here are the photos released by Amazon and reported on Variety:

Included with the photos in the press release was a brief summary of the plot, which follows "an underdog accountant with zero powers in a city owned by a global villain who was thought to be dead. As he struggles to uncover this conspiracy, he falls in league with a strange blue superhero." While the character's creator and the series' executive producer Ben Edlund has stated that the show will be a "wholly new expression of The Tick" and that its story would have more heart and stakes, the photos and story summary tell me one thing: This version will still be absurdly funny.

Those who know the original comic book character and his back story know that the character is bizarre and mildly unique in its backstory. In the comics, The Tick had now memory of his previous life and is legally insane, and escaped from his mental institution, which was located not too far from The City (yes, that's the actual name of where he lives). In addition, his main powers are superhuman strength and "high-invulnerability," making him almost impossible to injure in serious cases, but yet is still vulnerable to feelings of pain.

Even with Edlund's comments about a darker version of the character, the series sounds like it will still be in tune with the previous live-action adaptation's tone and representation of the character. Even though the new suit looks more realistic than the previous suit, and the unknown female victim is very menacing-looking with her realistic scarred eye, The Terror and his minions still have an air of ridiculousness that indicates the show will retain much of the comic and original series' absurdity.

The series will also feature The Tick's trusty sidekick, Arthur, portrayed by Griffin Newman (Vinyl, Draft Day), though it is unclear if he will be donning his classic moth suit. In addition, Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen, A Nightmare on Elm Street) will be playing the classic villain The Terror, Valorie Curry (The Following, House of Lies) will be playing Dot Everest, and Brendan Hines (Lie to Me, Suits) will be playing Superian. The show will premiere on Amazon Prime on August 19.

What are your thoughts on The Tick revival? What are your thoughts on the new suit? Do you think it'll live up to the original series?


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