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*WARNING! This post contains SPOILERS*

Justice League Rebirth is starting to unfold in a very interesting way and in issue #2, we begin to see the fruits of writer Bryan Hitch's labor. The first thing that grabbed my attention in this issue was the artwork. The change of artists since issue #1 really excels through the distinct facial features, vast amount of detail in the background imagery & amazing costume design. As stated, the story really begins to pick up, making issue #2 an all around improvement from the first one. Characters are being thoroughly fleshed out and the artwork really comes in to support the writing here.

The issue picks up a little after the events of issue #1 as the same alien invaders continue to wreak havoc on planet Earth in an effort of reclaiming what is theirs with a widespread attack on the planet. Initially I wasn't fond of them being the main antagonists for the Justice League but they are shaping up to be quite interesting. We don't know much about them other than them being known as The Kindred, but that's soon to change once Wonder Woman gets a hold of them. The team is split up across the planet in an effort to divide and conquer the worldwide earthquakes caused by The Kindred.

via DC Comics
via DC Comics

The two new Green Lanterns, Simon & Jessica, are in Hong Kong trying to rescue civilians from the flooded coastlines. These two are becoming my favorite characters so far, especially Jessica. It may just be because they're new but Bryan Hitch is spending a great deal of time developing these characters and it most definitely is paying off. It is interesting to see a Green Lantern, someone whose power is drawn from sheer will, struggle to conjure enough power and doubt herself. We see here, when she perseveres and gets out of her own head, she is capable of fantastic feats. I'm sure this something that will continue to be explored in upcoming Justice League and Green Lantern issues.

via DC Comics
via DC Comics

The most interesting aspect of the series is most definitely Superman. Batman doesn't know this Superman, let alone trust him. However, the team needed something done only a Superman could accomplish, leaving Batman to swallow his pride and put his suspicions to the side for the greater good of the world. The team doesn't know much about him, his past, or his reason for keeping a low profile for such a long time. This is something readers can keep up with in solo Superman Rebirth series as well as the Justice League series. A nearly dead Aquaman is found in Atlantis trying to mend his broken city. The Kindred seem to have the ability to take over the minds of earth and Atlantis citizens alike, which I hope will be fleshed out more in future issues.

The only real issue I had with this was the inconsistencies from issue #1's art when it came to Cyborg and the two Lantern's character designs. Altogether, this issue was a great improvement from the last in every way. Artistry, writing and overall story was great to read and I look forward to upcoming issues. I give it a 9/10. What did you think of the issue?


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