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All eyes may be on Luke Skywalker and Rey ahead of Star Wars 8, but a few detailed plot spoilers from the movie leaked this week and it's Finn taking centre stage alongside a mysterious newcomer played by Kelly Marie Tran.

Rian Johnson is in the director's chair for the sequel to The Force Awakens and has previously teased that we should expect something special from Tran. But according to a new report on a Star Wars Episode 8 spoilers blog, her character is far from the "new lead" of the movie (as if we ever really bought that) — in fact, she's a minor player who'll share most of her scenes with Finn.

Finn: Big responsibility in Episode 8. (Lucasfilm/Disney)
Finn: Big responsibility in Episode 8. (Lucasfilm/Disney)

According to the gossip piece (which you should always take with at least a pinch of salt when coming from an unofficial source like this), Tran's character is named Aya (at least for now) and is some kind of information broker who gives Finn intel on the First Order — for a price, naturally. The source of her information is not revealed. They meet in an upmarket bar, and while Aya flirts with Finn, he's not especially interested. Their brief meeting is disrupted by the arrival of Stormtroopers, from whom Aya helps Finn escape.

Piecing the puzzle together, it seems Finn is on some kind of Resistance-sanctioned mission to find information on the whereabouts of the First Order's operational base, or perhaps the hideout of Kylo Ren in the wake of his father's murder (although if the latter, that would surely be a personal favor to Leia — the Resistance aren't about to embark on a revenge mission).

Would Finn really be travelling alone, though? Logic dictates that, if he's planet-hopping, he'll probably have a pilot with him, and we know that he has a super-tight bromance going with Poe Dameron. The plot makes no mention of another ally, though, so unless the pair split upon landing to cover more ground, perhaps this really is a secret operation trusted only to Finn.

The same source revealed back in July that Laura Dern, another new addition to the cast of Episode 8, would be playing Chancellor Valara, a diplomat with the Republic who has some kind of shared history with Leia. They reunite at a memorial service, during which an attempt is made on Leia's life which results in Poe Dameron escorting Leia and the Chancellor back to the Resistance base. It could also be then that Finn is seeking intel on the identity of the First Order assassin who targeted Leia during the later bar scene with Aya.

As I said, everything should be taken with a healthy degree of skepticism until we get some indication from a cast member that the details are rooted in truth. Keep checking Instagram and Twitter accounts for that. You can probably expect the first trailer for Star Wars 8 to debut in December when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters.

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