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Stranger Things has blown everyone's mind recently (if you haven't seen it, I'm sorry but there's plenty of spoilers ahead), the Netflix original series has had more praise than many of Netflix's shows put together. So with Season 1 coming to a recent end, it's no wonder that fans have gone crazy with theories and thoughts that actually make quite a bit of sense — and could result in correctly guessing Season 2's actual plot line.

1. Are Eleven And Hopper Related?

I've actually heard this theory discussed before, on the comments of my other Stranger Things article, and I couldn't believe I didn't think of this while watching. Why is Hopper so invested in this case? Perhaps because his daughter didn't actually die in the flashback, we're just made to believe she did. Perhaps the bad men took her body and transformed her into an all-powerful human who can tear the fabric of space and time? The one piece of evidence to back this up is the ending, where we see Hopper place Eggo waffles into a small box presumably for El — nobody told him she likes Eggos, so how did he know?

Unfortunately, one scene which perhaps discredits this is when we see El's biological mom discussing how she disappeared and we see Hopper's wife: They aren't the same person. Hopper could have cheated? Who knows.

2. What The Heck Is Actually Going Down At The Hawkins Lab?

So, who else has been experimented on in Hawkins lab? An article on Bustle states that:

There have been top-secret projects going on since, ostensibly, the '60s with creepy Dr. Brenner helming the experiments. We need to know why Eleven is the lab's greatest achievement ASAP.

Have they been building up to Eleven, meaning there are failed experiments lurking in the lab? Eurgh I have goose bumps now.

3. Will The Upside Down Eventually Merge With The Real Town Of Hawkins?

A fan on Reddit has come up with the interesting theory that Season 2 might see the collision of the two realities. They believe that the end of Season 1 is foreshadowing this merge, as when the "One Month Later" title screen pops up, the scenes after this are covered in snow — similar to the appearance of the Upside Down world. They state:

This, along with Will's "vision," lead me to believe that perhaps the gate/connect between the real world and the Upside Down has somehow grown closer and that elements of the upside down might just be bleeding into the real world via Will.

Interesting thought, but some might argue that the snow is just because of the Christmas season it's set in. Though when we see Will cough up a slug, the whole world changes into the Upside Down momentarily, so maybe this is plausible?

4. Is Will Going Through Some Changes? Specifically Into A Demogorgon?

It's very apparent, by the end of Season 1, that Will isn't the same as he was before he got lost in the Upside Down. Bustle explores how Will could possibly be changing into a monster himself, after he coughed up the slug and saw a glimpse of the Upside Down in his own bathroom. They state:

Perhaps when he was revived by his mom and Hopper, the Demogorgon had already begun the process of cultivating his body to expand its reach and power — and because the process was stopped midway, Will's carried something back with him that will continue to grow and manifest inside of him.

5. Was The Demogorgon Test Subject 010?

It's possible! What did happen to the numbers before Eleven? Will we see their stories in Season 2? I both hope so and hope not, as I mentioned earlier, if they were failed experiments can you even begin to imagine how creepy they'd be? Were they all children once? It's hard to imagine that huge monster as an innocent child.

6. Is El The Mirrored Version Of The Demogorgon?

So, perhaps El was our reality's version of the Demogorgon? So El is a projection used by the monster to find and kidnap humans? She did say that she got Will kidnapped when she stated it was her fault. Maybe she started out evil and because of her relationship with Mike she found that the monster HAD to be destroyed, therefore she had to destroy herself. Weird, mind-blowing stuff for sure!

I really hope and pray that one of these fantastic fan theories makes it into Season 2; can you imagine how cool it would be? My favorite theory is that the Upside Down and the real town of Hawkins is slowly merging, and the village will turn into a Silent Hill-type deal.

Check out the VFX breakdown of the amazing visuals in Stranger Things below:

What's Your Favorite Fan Theory? Do You Have A New Theory?


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