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Saw 8 — otherwise known as Saw: Legacy — has been confirmed for release on Halloween 2017, and we can't stop dreaming up what new and terrible tortures will be unleashed. Continuing the legacy of a franchise as well-loved as Saw is a big responsibility, but there are several beloved characters who would make a welcome addition to the Saw 8 cast for many horror fans. No actors have officially been confirmed for Saw: Legacy, so in the meantime, check out the Saw 8 cast wishlist.

Dr. Lawrence Gordon

Actor: Cary Elwes

The fan favorite to play the villain in Saw 8, Dr Gordon is surely a must for Saw: Legacy. Once the fresh-faced star of The Princess Bride, Cary Elwes is associated in more recent times with hacking off his own foot. Let's hope we see more of him in Saw 8.


Actor: Costas Mandylor

Even by John Kramer's standards, Hoffman was a deviant. He perverted Jigsaw's sick morality even further — yep, that was totally possible —and put innocent people into his vicious traps. Hoffman's 'death' was implied rather than shown, so a return for Costas Mandylor seems perfectly possible. And if Dr Gordon comes back to Saw 8 too, Hoffman will be seeking revenge...

Amanda Young

Actor: Shawnee Smith

Amanda is the greatest of Jigsaw's victims, and one of the only ones to walk away from his traps and live to tell about it... for a time, at least! Sure, we saw Amanda die already, but it'd be cool to see more of her time in Jigsaw's service in some flashback scenes.

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John Kramer

Actor: Tobin Bell

Yes, Amanda's tutor in sadism is both dead, but Saw 8 may delve into his past to further the action in Saw 8, especially with a title like Legacy. Who knows how many plans Jigsaw left in place in the event of his death? We could well see a flashback scene of John Kramer training up a new apprentice, designing traps to be triggered posthumously or creating a list of new victims...

Jigsaw's Disciples

Ryan, Brad and Daniel in the Saw movies
Ryan, Brad and Daniel in the Saw movies

Actors: Jon Cor, Sebastian Pigott, Erik Knudsen

Could one of Jigsaw's previous pig-masked lackeys continue his legacy? Ryan & Brad (Jon Cor & Sebastian Pigott) were young, fit and eager to follow John Kramer in his torturous footsteps. These youngsters could take Jigsaw's ethos of savagery and apply it to more hapless victims guilty of taking their lives for granted (which, let's face it, makes most of us qualified for Jigsaw's wrath!) We could also see Daniel Matthews (Erik Knudsen) reappear, as he helped Amanda in Saw 2.


Billy should be an easy 'character' to bring back, seeing as he's not, strictly speaking, a person and does not require an actor to play him. Let's get the li'l tyke on his trike again!

A cameo from a horror icon

Hey, once you get to the EIGHTH installment in a franchise, the sky's the limit, right? It may be a bit of a cheap shot, but shoehorning in a cameo from a horror great — Tony Todd as 'Policeman 2' or Freddy Englund as 'concerned bystander' is a quick way to raise a smile from horror fans.


Would you like to see established characters return for 'Saw 8: Legacy' or would you rather a totally new cast?

How would you die in a horror movie?

Who would you like to see in Saw 8: Legacy?

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