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With Super Girl Season 2 news buzzing, it's nice to take a step back.

2012 was a big year for The CW when they officially kicked off their DC Comics superhero universe with the introduction of Oliver Queen and Starling City in Arrow. Many thought it couldn't get much better, but The CW stepped it up and brought the Scarlet Speedster, through The Flash, into the mix and Barry Allen has become a central piece to the universe that has been created.

Then The CW did the unthinkable and they stepped out into the realms of time and space and brought us the Legends of Tomorrow. It seemed that The CW could not be stopped as they were developing a Goliath-sized lineup of heroes, yet nobody could have anticipated what would happen next as The CW picked up the second season of Supergirl (that CBS dropped) and would introduce both of the Kryptonian heroes: Superman and Supergirl into several crossover events, further cementing the shared universe that they all exist in.

Image Cred: Geeked.Life
Image Cred: Geeked.Life

Things are cruising, it seems, for The CW as they keep churning out new plot lines and character introductions through the varied collection of shows. We know that season 3 of The Flash is set to introduce us to an adaptation of the Flashpoint series and ultimately that gives The CW the ability to go buck-wild and introduce some new characters - or even some unique twists on the origin stories of others. It's exciting to imagine what's in store?

The CW has already introduced all of these characters: The Flash, Green Arrow, Speedy, Arsenal, Deathstroke, Black Canary, Merlyn, Canary, Ra's Al Ghul, Huntress, Deadshot, Amanda Waller, Brother Blood, Firestorm, Vibe, Atom, Katana, Wildcat, Anarky, Killer Frost, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Plastique, The General, Rip Hunter, Reverse Flash, Vandal Savage, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl.

Now I know that I missed a few, but you can see that the shared universe on The CW isn't afraid to introduce new characters across the shows, but the question becomes: who else could appear?

Here are 4 characters that could be introduced to further expand The CW's heroic lineup.

Black Lightning - Jefferson Pierce

Shows to appear on: Supergirl & The Flash (crossover)

Image Cred: Deviant Artist xxnightblade08xx
Image Cred: Deviant Artist xxnightblade08xx

We've seen how well electrically charged characters can do on-screen in The CW's heroic universe thanks to Livewire on Supergirl, as well as Blackout and Deathbolt on The Flash. Black Lightning would be an interesting addition to the character collection between Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl. Growing up in the slums of Metropolis had a lasting impact on Jefferson, he pushed himself in academics and athletics, knowing that was how he could escape his roots. He did just that by gaining recognition for his medal wins which ultimately led him to gaining a degree in both Education and English. All this before gaining an Olympic gold medal for the Decathalon and choosing to become a vigilante and take down the organized crime in Metropolis' Suicide Slum. Jefferson Ideally Jefferson Pierce could be introduced through Supergirl as he has a connection to Jimmy Olsen and Superman in the comics. Since Superman is joining his cousin (for at least some of this next season) it would be easy to introduce Jefferson as a friend from Metropolis.

Casting Choice: Charles Michael Davis

If you've ever seen The Originals, then you know why I think Charles is the perfect choice. Jefferson, in the comics has a fatherly vibe about him, and often takes that role in his stories. Throughout The Originals, Marcel (portrayed by Charles) has show his penchant for being a soothing and fatherly figure. His natural presence and charisma would be perfect for introducing Black Lightning as an established metahuman hero.

Damage - Grant Emerson

Shows to appear on: Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow (origin & flashbacks)

Grant Emerson would be an easy transitional character to join Arrow seeing as in the comics he has a long history with Arsenal a.k.a. Roy Harper (portrayed by Colton Haynes in Arrow). Now in the grand scheme of all things in the CW heroic universe, Grant's story should cross over between both Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. We all know that in Legends of Tomorrow, the main conflict arises as the team pursues Vandal Savage across time itself. Vandal Savage is in essence how Grant gains his powers as an experiment through Project: Telmachus. Vandal injects DNA samples from various superheroes into Grant (who is also the biological son of Al Pratt a.k.a. Atom). Grant could be a unique addition to the Arrow storyline moving forward and if introduced properly, could help in developing a viable Titans series on The CW.

Casting Choice: Stark Sands

Most recently Stark appeared on the cancelled too soon Fox series, Minority Report as one of the original precogs. Stark is a young enough talent that The CW could scoop him up and add him as Grant Emerson and he would be phenomenal. Stark has shown his ability to show emotional detachment but can flip a switch and rage emotionally, which is paramount to Grant's power manifestation.

The Question - Vic Sage

Show to appear on: Arrow

The Question has ironically (to my knowledge) not been posed as a question to the creative team behind the shows within the CW-Verse. Vic Sage is a character that could truly hold his own among the characters in Arrow and The Flash. His comic origins are as an investigative report who discovered that he couldn't find the right stories by following the legal protocol. Approached by his former professor, Vic learned of an artificial skin, pseudoderm, that was based on the chemical that created Elongated man's powers. Vic applied the Pseudoderm to his face and his famous features were hidden and The Question was born. After battling his own black-and-white view of morality and training under a master martial artist, Vic chose to attack the systematic corruption - which would play well paired with Green Arrow and Starling City.

Casting Choice: Dylan McDermott

Probably not the first actor that most fans would think of, but keep in mind that Dylan McDermott is one of the most skilled actors in television. His range and ability to be both trustworthy and underhanded at the same time is exactly what would be needed for a slightly dark vigilante like the Question. Dylan McDermott cemented my trust in him with his performance in Hostages, Stalker and Dark Blue. McDermott would be a great fit for The Question, but I'd like to see his origin story shift a bit, possibly as a top detective in Central City's Police Department (or a transfer) rather than a television investigative reporter.

Black Alice - Lori Zechlin

Show to appear on: The Flash

Now this could be tough to pull off, but ultimately Lori would be a strong character to introduce and could lead to even bigger possibilities for crossovers. Lori has a fairly tragic backstory as her mother overdoses on prescription pills then her father becomes a recluse and Lori chooses to become his caretaker. At the same time she begins to discover her latent mystical power of being able to "borrow" other characters magical powers. During her time in the comics she's randomly manifested powers like Zatanna, Black Adam, Spectre and others. Lori would make for an interesting character to introduce in The Flash as the metahumans tend to come out of the woodwork in Central City. Lori has a history with Huntress, Black Canary and the women of the Birds of Prey, so I'm sure The CW could work that into their future plans.

Casting Choice: Brighton Sharbino

Now, I've looked through other casting choices and I don't think that Emily Browning, Annasophia Robb, Chloe Moretz or Elizabeth Gillies can invoke the same amount of gusto that Brighton would bring. Brighton knocked my socks off with her portrayal of Lizzie Samuels in The Walking Dead. Her gross-indifference to everything that was happening around her was spectacular and she would make for a believably tragedy-laced Lori. Also, introducing Black Alice would make for an easy introduction to Doctor Fate.

So, there you have it 4 characters who could, and should, appear within the many shows currently on The CW. Ultimately there are countless characters that are connected, and it's really exciting to imagine what's possible. Are you ready for the new seasons to begin in October? Check out the Comic-Con Trailer below and relive the hype!

The CW schedule of premieres looks a little like this, are you ready?

  • Tuesday, October 4 - The Flash
  • Wednesday, October 5 - Arrow
  • Monday, October 10 - Supergirl
  • Thursday, October 13 - DC's Legends of Tomorrow


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