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Fat-Shaming, Body-Shaming and Slut-Shaming are all huge issues in social politics, and while obviously less severe, "Movie-Shaming" is also very real thing and I can't be the only person to have noticed. TV shows and movies are huge now and they tend to define trends for months at a time. They are all we can talk, eat, sleep and breathe about. For the people involved in their creation, this is the ideal situation, we're a generation of obsessors and we never let anything go. A popular movie or TV show floods social media and water cooler conversation for as long as it possibly can, there is no escape. On the other hand, for those of us who have managed to live the first era our lives without seeing some of those "must see movies and TV shows" it's a torturous existence, endlessly being treated like an alien for never having seen any of the Harry Potter films (100% true, i'm sorry).

Someone has to be the pace-setter when it comes to removing this stigma from society, and so I will take one for the team. I am a young adult and I have not ever seen any of the Harry Potter films, Star Wars, Star Trek, Jurassic Park, James Bond and so very many more that I really should have seen by now. But you know what? I just really don't want to. I'll admit part of my aversion to watching these films is that I've made it this far and it's going to take a lot for me to give in and finally watch them, but mostly, they just aren't my kind of film. There are so many sequels to catch up on, and to be completely honest here, from what i've seen of Harry Potter and others, I'm just not interested. I don't see why we're all alienated so much when we just don't like a movie which has become "all the rage". We're treated like we have a lack of culture in our lives, all because we don't want to watch teenagers ride broomsticks for hours.

All Eight Movies and I Still Don't Know the Plot.
All Eight Movies and I Still Don't Know the Plot.


The same goes for TV shows. People are just as extreme, if not more so, when it comes to a TV series which has become a cult classic. If you haven't seen those few series which have become an integral part of society, then you may as well be living under a rock. Social media is filled with posts on the topics, and if, one day, you work up the courage to admit you just don't like that show, well you may as well up and move off grid. I've tried Game of Thrones, I've tried Breaking Bad, I just didn't like them. It appears I would have been better off saying I didn't like Mother Theresa, because the reactions might have been a little less surprised.

The Two May As Well Be One Show To Me
The Two May As Well Be One Show To Me

In a world where there are so many options for media, you'd think people would be happier to accept when one person just doesn't like a show or movie which has gotten popular. Unfortunately, there is instead, a superiority-complex attached to having seen and enjoyed a popular TV series or movie. Having enjoyed watching a show like Game of Thrones is now treated as if it is a sign of intelligence and normalcy. Ask me about any Batman movie ever created, I'm full of knowledge, but that knowledge may as well be forgotten because I still haven't seen American Horror Story.

Can we just make a small promise to ourselves here and now that we'll stop shaming or friends who just don't like the current biggest thing? Maybe they'll like the next one. In a society where we're finally learning that accepting differences is what we need to be doing, can we at least start from the bottom? Can we just accept that just because it is the biggest thing around, that doesn't mean we're all obsessed.


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