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In case you missed it, Cipher Hunt (the greatest international scavenger hunt ever) has finally ended after thirteen days! Yes, exactly 13 days. Coincidence? Totally! After all, it is a hunt for a triangular demon's statue from a kids' show.

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Cipher Hunt is an unofficial fan tribute made by the creator of Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch, for the fans of Gravity Falls (pure fan tribute, not affiliated with Disney or any other company).

After decoding codes, solving puzzles, and finding clues, the Gravity Falls fans (now known as an army of Dippers), have finally located where Bill Cipher's statue is hidden!

If you think Cipher Hunt was just a big fun scavenger hunt for kids, think again! It takes passion, dedication, wit, and a great knowledge of Gravity Falls to solve every riddle, puzzle, and cryptogram. (Also parents' permission — can't go anywhere without it, at least for minors.)

The fans just proved you wrong, Bill!
The fans just proved you wrong, Bill!

Gravity Falls fans are heading over to Reedsport, Oregon to find the 'accursed' statue that's been driving fans crazy on Twitter. If you're on the side of the world, book a plane ticket now!

Check out these dedicated fans with Bill's statue:

Another mystery solved. Cipher Hunt is over for good...or is it?


Are you planning to visit Bill's Statue? If you are, DON'T SHAKE HIS HAND!


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