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Oscar Isaac, often called as the internet’s newest boyfriend, is in the news again, but not for his latest appearance in “X-Men:Apocalypse” as Apocalypse this time. Surprisingly his dance move in the 2015 academy awarded movie “Ex-Machina” gains popularity when a fellow Isaac fan started tweeting videos of the move (after replacing the song played in the movie clip with every other famous dance song possibly exists) since April 28.

The dance move of Isaac’s “Nathan” portrayed in the movie was good in every sense, but it was not known that this move can easily be synced with each and every possible song. The videos posted by the Twitter account has a certain charm that once you start watching, you possibly couldn’t stop before it is over. You would almost start to think that the dance move is created only for this song with each and every new entry coming in a loop.

The twitter account @oscardances is created solely for uploading this video clip with different songs and now it says “submissions closed, open soon” after enormous song requests popping in the admins handle. That obviously does mean that this handle is coming up with more and more new songs embedded with this now famous “Ex Machina” clip in the near future. So, better you follow the handle now for yourself.

There is a mega-warning before you start scrolling the page to the bottom to watch some of the videos we posted for you - “It is gonna be super addictive, so watch at your on risk”.

Seems like you have watched the videos now back to back and observed that it looks totally different with every single song. Just like you, I also felt surprised for the first time watching the video that how actually it works. It is still a surprise to me and maybe to you too. Let this be a surprise and follow the twitter handle so that you get notified whenever newest videos come in.

What song would you use if you made your own video?

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