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"Sometimes dead is better" -Pet Sematary
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Stranger Things is still making internet headlines weeks after its release. From dissecting mysteries behind the plot to hunting down Easter Eggs and spotting 1980s horror movie references, news about Netflix's new hit show just keeps growing.

Among the plethora of social media comments and horror articles, two collections of media references and Easter Eggs seem to stand out. The first is a comprehensive side-by-side video created by Ulysse Thevenon detailing nearly every Stranger Things movie reference from the '70s and '80s. The video provides a very clear visual image comparing "original movie scenes" with actual scenes from the show's first season.

Watching the video, you can see how the show's creators, Matt Duffer and Russ Duffer, intended to recreate iconic moments within the show without sacrificing a new and edgy style. From re-imagining some of the scariest moments in A Nightmare on Elm Street to replicating the anticipation and mystery we first experienced in Alien and Close Encounters, the complexity of this series is just now coming to light. Click play below and the next five minutes might give you a new appreciation for the painstaking details taken to make this horror series great:

The second complete media reference list was provided by Netflix itself when announcing the addition of their Stranger Things soundtrack on Spotify. It is a veritable "Who's Who" of classic '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s songs.

Feel free to save this playlist for later or just click on any link to reminisce with songs from the series like "I Melt With You," "Africa" and "Sunglasses at Night."

Final Notes And Missing References:

Some of the other horror movie and film references may seem a little less obvious but are still worth mentioning. The local Sheriff's department and uniforms are said to be modeled after the Amity Sheriff's Dept. in Jaws.

Jaws / Stranger Things Comparison
Jaws / Stranger Things Comparison

Many have speculated that the Hawkins Dept. of Energy laboratory is reminiscent of the government building outside Ithaca, New York, in The Manhattan Project. Another interesting bit of trivia is the younger actors for the show actually read from the script of Stand by Me during their auditions.

Needless to say, the show stands on its own merits. The ongoing curiosity about its influences and respective Easter Eggs is nothing more than a testament to the genius of its creators, directors and writers. And with critics calling it everything from an homage of '80s horror to a fresh look at modern thrillers, Netflix might be taking home some major awards for this one.

The show also blends nostalgia with some fresh technology. Just check out the VFX breakdown for the first season of Stranger Things in the video below:

Are there any '70s or '80s references you noticed that are not in the video or song list?

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