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We are not that far from seeing Supergirl soar onto her new home on The CW, joining her fellow DCTV heroes, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow all together for the first time on one channel.

Hello to one EPIC crossover!

Ever since we those final moments of Season One, where another Kryptonian pod lands on Earth - just who the hell is in there? - news and casting announcements have been making their way out into the world including new characters we will be seeing in the second season.

So before Season Two leaps onto our screens, here is a rundown of all the confirmed newbies.

Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent/Superman

Image: MTV/DC Comics.
Image: MTV/DC Comics.

The Man of Steel will be making his first DCTV Universe appearance, but don't be fooled: it's not those little glimpses and shadowy outlines we saw in Season One!

Tyler Hoechlin will be joining the cast for a couple of episodes as Clark Kent/Superman and will mark his first appearance on television since leaving Teen Wolf. Hoechlin has also starred in Road to Perdition, 7th Heaven, Castle, Hall Pass, Everybody Wants Some!!, Undrafted and can next be seen in Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed.

At the moment, Tyler Hoechlin is only hired for two episodes - but given how important his character is in the DC mythos, we imagine this isn't the last we'll be seeing him.

FUN FACT: This marks Tyler Hoechlin's first appearance in the live action comic book world. He's already worked with Supergirl's real-life spouse, Blake Jenner, on Everybody Wants Some!!

Ian Gomez as Snapper Carr

Image: ABC/DC Comics.
Image: ABC/DC Comics.

Kara, Jimmy and Wynn are getting a new boss. Snapper Carr has been hired by Cat Grant to be the editor-in-chief of CatCo Magazine and will challenge everyone, including Kara, to work hard to achieve excellence.

Snapper will be played by Ian Gomez, who you might recognise from his role on Cougar Town as well as Felicity, The Drew Carey Show, Connie and Carla, I Hate Valentine's Day, Larry Crowne and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.

Snapper will be a recurring character and will make his debut in the second episode.

FUN FACT: Lucas "Snapper" Carr isn't just a reporter, he has also been a supporting character to the Justice League of America - even gaining superpowers at one point.

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Floriana Lima As Maggie Sawyer

Image: ABC/DC Comics.
Image: ABC/DC Comics.

As one of mainstream comics first openly gay characters, Maggie Sawyer will be heading to National City as an officer of the Police Department with an interest in the cases involving aliens.

Floriana Lima was most recently seen on The Family but has also starred in How I Met Your Mother, The Mob Doctor, In Plain Sight and Allegiance.

Floriana Lima will be a series regular in Season Two, but there's still no word on when she will make her Supergirl debut.

FUN FACT: This is not the first time Maggie Sawyer has been seen on TV; the character appeared in Smallville, played by Jill Teed. Sawyer also happens to be in a relationship with Batwoman in the comics... does this mean we could see Batwoman make her first TV appearance?

Katie McGrath as Lena Luthor

Image: BBC/DC Comics.
Image: BBC/DC Comics.

The likelihood of seeing Lex on Supergirl is slim to none. So for now, we have to settle for his sister, Lena, who will be taking over her brothers company and has hopes to use Luthor Corp for good.

You may remember Katie McGrath for her role as Morgana on Merlin or as dinosaur food in Jurassic World but also starred in Dracula and Slasher.

No word yet on when we will first see Lena, but she will joining the show in a recurring role.

FUN FACT: Having been on Merlin for five seasons, McGrath will return to world of King Arthur when see plays Elsa in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword next year.

Lynda Carter as President of the United States

Image: The WB.
Image: The WB.

Supergirl will meet POTUS this season but will they be allies or foes?

Lynda Carter has had a career in film, TV, on stage, and even in video games. Carter not only voiced a character in Fallout 4 but also had five original songs on the soundtrack.

Lynda Carter is expected to make her first appearance in the third episode and will appear multiple times throughout the season.

FUN FACT: No stranger to DC projects, Carter gained fame by playing Wonder Woman in the '70s an also appeared on Smallville as Chloe's mother, Moira Sullivan.

As we head toward the new season, there will ultimately be more casting news to come but probably not as big as the names already announced.

Season Two of Supergirl will premiere on The CW on Monday October 10th!

Will you be tuning into Season Two? How awesome will it be to see these characters? Anyone you want to see on Supergirl? Comment below.

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