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What Is The Bunny Man?

For those familiar with Creepypasta, you may have heard of the Bunny Man — a story dating back to 1904 in Fairfax, VA about a man who escaped an accident during an inmate transfer from one insane asylum to another. In the search for his body, they found dead, skinned rabbits hanging from trees, and eventually humans in the same fashion. Despite his death, people still claim to see him standing on the bridge where he died. To read the original story, visit Creepypasta.

Our Story

Foster Bridge is a film loosely based on the original legend, following the story of Wyatt (Tyler Wells) and his run-in with the infamous killer, The Bunny Man (Tommy Russo). Wyatt — an overworked alcoholic who isolates himself in a cabin following an unwanted potential divorce with his wife — makes a drunken mistake when he hits what he believes to be an animal on his way home from work. Unfortunately for him, he was half right, and now the vengeful Bunny Man lurks near and far, waiting for the opportunity to get his revenge.

From Director Sara Parliman, this short film is an independent student production looking for a budget of $5,500.00 to make this movie possible.

(This video is purely for promotional purposes and the content and horror elements are in no way correlated with the final product of Foster Bridge)

What Makes Us Unique?

One of the largest differences between the original urban legend and this adaptation is the creature design for the film, something unseen in other versions of the Bunny Man. This budget has a large percentage allotted for a specially designed costume for the Bunny Man. As well as creating a unique antagonist designed to haunt even the most seasoned horror fans, the film gathers most of its inspiration from a modernized take on the classic slasher films that have made their place in history.

With Crowdfunding still live now, you can donate to Foster Bridge at their IndieGoGo or visit Facebook and like their page to get more updates on what's happening with the film.

Concept Art by Tyler Wells
Concept Art by Tyler Wells

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