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Many 'Doctor Who' Stories Have Taken This Form...

'Doctor Who' Series Ten has began filming with Block One already complete. Very little has been revealed about what to expect from the new Series apart from a few familiar faces and one new face. Firstly, as we know Peter Capaldi will be back as the Doctor for Series Ten. But will it be his last? Secondly, it has been confirmed that Matt Lucas will be making a return to the show but as a recurring character and making him part of the TARDIS team of 2017. Matt Lucas was previously seen in the 2015 Christmas Special 'The Husbands of River Song' as the character Nardole. Lastly, it has been confirmed that the young actress Pearl Mackie will be the brand new companion called 'Bill' to travel through time and space with the Doctor.

It's rumoured, however likely, the next episode of Series Ten to be filmed is Episode Three. This Episode is written by 'Face the Raven' writer Sarah Dollard. Images have been shared all across Social Media sites of the Doctor wearing what seems to be Victorian clothes. The top hat says it all. However, Dollard has confirmed on Twitter that the Episode will not be set in the Victorian era. This has now got fans pondering what era the episode will be set in. There's a chance that the episode has taken inspiration from previous 'Doctor Who' stories that look similar in one way or another. But which story has it been inspired by?

Capaldi and Mackie On Location
Capaldi and Mackie On Location

Is It'The Snowmen' With Matt Smith As The Eleventh Doctor?

When fans saw the pictures of Peter Capaldi in his "Victorian" clothes, a lot of fans instantly thought of Matt Smith from 'The Snowmen' which was the Christmas Special back in 2012. 'The Snowmen' saw the Doctor in a top hat and very posh clothes. Funnily enough, this is the exact same that Capaldi has been spotted in, but just seems to be a slightly different color. With 'The Snowmen' being set at Christmas, of course there was going to be snow involved. But, in Episode Three of Series Ten, there seems to be snow involved and sighted on location filming. It was once rumored this year that Matt Smith would actually be returning as the Doctor for another adventure since his departure in 2013. Are we about to return to this setting with Peter Capaldi going back to see his previous face. Two dudes in top hats fighting a battle together. No we're not. Smith did confirm on Twitter that he will not be starring in Series Ten. But as we all know what Rule One is... With the costumes being similar, has Sarah Dollard taken inspiration from this well known story and adapted it into her own?

Is It 'The Next Doctor' With David Tennant As The Tenth Doctor?

Now if you look closely at the photos of Peter Capaldi in Episode Three with Pearl Mackie, the location seems similar to the Christmas Special 'The Next Doctor' from 2008. The 2008 special was the start of the "Special Series" for David Tennant before his tear jerking departure. The story featured the Cybermen and we were introduced to the Cyberking and the Cybershades. With London in 1851 being terrorized, lives were at risk and it was up to the Doctor(s) to defeat the Cyberking so London could have a happy Christmas. It certainly looks like Sarah Dollard has taken some sort of inspiration from this Episode. Purely because the setting and locations seem incredibly alike. We haven't seen the Cybermen properly since the Series Eight Finale in 2014. So are we about to see the return of David Tennant and the Cybermen in Series Ten? Tennant hasn't said anything. Probably because no one has suspected anything. But we will have to wait and see...

The Next Doctor
The Next Doctor

Is It 'The Unquiet Dead' With Christopher Eccleston As The Ninth Doctor?

Cast your minds all the way back to Series One of NuWho with Christopher Eccleston as the ("fantastic") ninth Doctor. In 'The Unquiet Dead', the dead were literally alive. However, we met Charles Dickens as we travelled back to the Victorian times again, with snow. Even though Sarah Dollard has said we will not be going back to the Victorian Era in her Episode, we still don't know what she has up her sleeve. The location and the setting with Eccleston and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler seems right and perfect for Capaldi to jump into and have an adventure we'd never forget. If this was to happen, it does open up the return of Rose Tyler. It seems that Rose Tyler is the current favourite companion of NuWho and I'm sure the fans would love to see Rose Tyler make more appearance in the Doctor Who world. I'm fairly sure it would give Series Ten a good name too. But let's not forget, it does open up a chapter for Christopher Eccleston to make a reappearance as his Doctor. Now we all know that he doesn't want to return as the Doctor or even recognised as the Doctor, but we never know, one day, he might change his mind. If Eccleston was to appear in Series Ten, fans would be more than over the moon. There may actually be tears of happiness if we saw his face again. But let's wait and see what happens.

Even know all of this seems incredibly unlikely, we will have to wait and see what happens as it could all be confidential information. Doctor Who returns Christmas Day 2016 then again in Spring 2017 for Series Ten.


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