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I've always been a lover of all things pertaining to entertainment, especially movies and TV shows, so I figured...why not write about it?
Nadiya Edwards announced some extremely interesting news today...Mark Ruffalo has officially wrapped his scenes for Thor: Ragnarok. Mark confirmed that he finished shooting by leaving the following photos on his Instagram page:

Mark wrapping up his scenes roughly a month of shooting leads me to one question: what exactly is his role in Thor: Ragnarok? As I stated in my previous post about this film, Mark has publicly stated that Thor's newest installment in the MCU is more of a "buddy comedy." In most buddy comedies like Rush Hour and Lethal Weapon, the buddies are usually together throughout most of the film. It's a lot easier for me to see Thor having a humorous camaraderie with Dr. Bruce Banner than with The Hulk. They've had some serious disagreements before.

Thor doesn't appreciate Hulk's bad attitude.
Thor doesn't appreciate Hulk's bad attitude.

This news this doesn't lessen my desire to see Thor: Ragnarok. If anything, it fuels it. How will they portray this team up? If most of the film features the CGI'ed version of The Hulk, will they use the Planet Hulk storyline? Will Thor and Hulk get into another "disagreement"? Man, I can't wait until November 2017.

What do you think about Mark Ruffalo wrapping up his scenes so early into production? What do you think it means for his role in the film? Give me your thoughts in the comments section!


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