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They may come from two different worlds, universes and comic book publishing companies, but we just can't stop wondering how amazing it would be to see Batman and Iron Man attending the same business conference. Pretty neat right?

After releasing a bunch of trailers and footage from their upcoming movies at San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. unleashed a teaser trailer for Wonder Woman, giving the fans a glimpse of the superheroine's much awaited feature film. Gal Gadot stars as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince once again, and while some people doubt her capabilities to become the Amazonian warrior princess, Gadot's performance, as shown in the trailer, only proved how much of a badass she can be.

Warner Bros. may have given us a brief look at the upcoming Justice League and Kong: Skull Island, but Wonder Woman's Comic-Con trailer is the best yet.

Moving on, if you have watched the trailer many times already, then you may have noticed the tone and setting of the said movie, which is set in the early 1900s during World War I. The trailer may contain a lot of cool and amazing stunts, but you can't deny the fact that it also bears a lot of similarities to Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger.

Though Wonder Woman is set in the early 1900s at the time of World War I and Captain America: The First Avenger is set in the 1940s when World War II is still happening, both movies pretty much have the same tone, setting and ambiance.

Thanks to this fan-made "Wonder Woman & Captain America Teaser Trailer" by Adeel of Steel, this Youtube channel gives us all the feels a real DC & Marvel crossover would've given us.

Have you seen the fan made trailer? Check out this video by Adeel of Steel and visit the channel for more fan-made videos!


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