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It's a brave new world for geek culture, as evidenced by the vast emergence of the comic conventions across the country. Wizard World, once known for the popular Wizard magazine, plays host to many conventions throughout the year, and the organization just recently wrapped up one of its longest running shows in the form of the annual Columbus Comic Con.

It was a grand spectacle, as per usual, that took place in the heart of the great state of Ohio. Many celebrities, comic creators, and cartoonists were on hand to enjoy the weekend along with their loyal fans.

Ian Somerhalder. Source: Wizard World Facebook page
Ian Somerhalder. Source: Wizard World Facebook page

Guests on hand for the occasion included the likes of Ian Somerhalder — best known for his starring role on the popular CW series The Vampire Diaries — as well as fellow vampire James Marsters, Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo, long-time Kevin Smith cohort Jason Mewes and Terminator 2's villainous T-1000, Robert Patrick.

Somerhalder and Patrick, among the other film and TV celebrities, wowed the crowd with their Q&A panels. Meanwhile, Marsters and Mewes played nice with each other on the convention floor.

Then, of course, there were the cosplayers. No good comic convention is complete without its legion of costumed fans exposing their talents with arts, crafts and a little imagination. And this weekend was no exception. One can browse the photos from the costume contest and cosplay photo ops at the Wizard World Facebook page.

But I want to shine a particularly bright light on the very impressive group who cosplayed as He-Man, Skeletor and the rest of the Masters of the Universe. Words do not begin to do justice to just how awesome this was to look at. Director McG should really take some notes on how to properly do the MotU characters for his upcoming theatrical adaptation.

Source: Wizard World Facebook page.
Source: Wizard World Facebook page.

Other panels and events included Tekken and Street Fighter boot camps and game tournaments, discussions about whether or not comic book movies should follow their source material, a look toward the future of the Star Wars franchise following the release of The Force Awakens, and a special screening of Star Trek Beyond.

All in all, I would say it was a pretty effective weekend for the popular convention host. The next stop on the convention tour is the windy city of Chicago, which is also one of the biggest events and definitely one that I would like to attend in the future. If you've never been to a Wizard World convention in any city, I strongly suggest that you do. Big or small, they are always a lot of fun.

Until then, see you all next time.

Source: Wizard World Facebook page.
Source: Wizard World Facebook page.

Were you at Wizard World Columbus? Sound off below with your experiences.

[Source: Wizard World Columbus Programming]


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