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WARNING: This article discusses scenes in Season 7 of The Walking Dead, so if you'd rather not know, leave now!

With over two months to go until The Walking Dead returns to screens, the cast and crew are back on set in Georgia, and busy filming Season 7. Word on the street is that they're close to completing shooting on the first half of the season, and thanks to some public documents we've learnt that one upcoming scene or sequence will take place at the beach!

Back in July, Stalwart Films, the production company behind The Walking Dead, lodged a request for permission to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources in Georgia to film at both Driftwood Beach and a nearby marsh area, on Jekyll Island, Georgia. This permission was later granted, but in the documents (which are available to the public), we got a little preview of what these beach scenes might entail! First, here's the areas the scenes will be shot:

Areas where The Walking Dead will film
Areas where The Walking Dead will film

Looks cool, right?! Well, it sounds like the scenes shot there will be pretty cool as well:

Scene one: Driftwood beach

The scenes taking place on the actual beach will involve four cast members. Two of the cast will discover a human body half-buried in the sand in a tidal pool (which the production will create on the beach, complete with artificial rocks, especially for this scene), meanwhile further down the beach, another person is found washed ashore and carried from the water onto dry sand. However after being revived, the person then gets away from their rescuers, and moves inland.

Looking at photos of this location, there's no doubt Driftwood beach lives up to its name! The Walking Dead will undoubtedly make use of this unique setting for the show, and personally I'm hoping we get to see walkers tangled up in the branches of the trees - how cool would that be!

Scene two: marsh land

The scenes shot in the marsh will only involve one actor (presumably it will be the person who was revived but then ran away from their rescuers), walking through a piece of the marsh at mid-to-low tide.

There aren't so many details about this scene, but shooting at the marsh does have one very interesting requirement for the production. Because the series is shooting during turtle nesting season, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) requires someone with a DNR Sea Turtle Cooperators Permit to check the area before production begins to make sure no turtle nests are disturbed! The turtle expert also needs to be on sight for any filming done before dawn, and any lighting used before dawn needs to be red lighting so turtle hatchlings aren't disturbed. How interesting.

Hmm, if only there was a tortoise expert on hand during Season 6...

Joke! No tortoises were actually harmed! [AMC]
Joke! No tortoises were actually harmed! [AMC]

It's also worth noting that although the show shoots in Georgia, it's actually set in Virginia, so Driftwood beach could be acting as a stand in for the Potomac river, or maybe the characters involved just ventured an extreme distance away from Alexandria.

The crew arrive at Alexandria in Season 5 [AMC]
The crew arrive at Alexandria in Season 5 [AMC]

So now that we have the outline of these two scenes, who exactly will be involved in them? Well, it looks likely that it'll be two characters we know and two characters we don't, with one group being the person/body in the tidal pool and the person who runs away, and the other being the two people who find them. This isn't a scene which appears in the comic series making it a little harder to know for certain, but I think it makes the most sense that the scene would involve Tara and Heath.

It seems like Tara and Heath set off on the world's longest supply run when they parted from the group following the raid one a Savior compound back in Season 6, Episode 12. But we know they have to be out there in the Walking Dead universe somewhere, and gathering by the amount of sandy walkers we saw during their scenes in the trailer, perhaps they could be close to a beach. Take another look at the section of the Season 7 trailer involving Heath and Tara:

So it looks like Tara and Heath might find two other women out on their supply run, and it doesn't look as though the four are going to be great friends - could these four also be involved in the beach scenes? After all, there is a lot of sand in the trailer, and though it does seem like the sand has come from the back of big trucks, perhaps a beach is also close by. What do you think, are Tara and Heath going to appear in the waterside scenes?

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 7 on October 23

Are you excited to see The Walking Dead get coastal?

Daryl's pumped [AMC]
Daryl's pumped [AMC]

Source:, Coastal Resources Division


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