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The release of the Suicide Squad movie has probably created a bigger mess in the real world than the members of the Task Force X when their craziness was unleashed unto Midway City. Critics mostly didn't like it, fans howled in outrage at this apparent conspiracy against the DCEU that got Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad bad reviews, going as far as drawing up a petition against Rotten Tomatoes (which has since been removed). And now the comic book world is holding its breath as fans get ready to fill the theatre seats tomorrow.

Still, for all of its possible mishaps, the opinions around Suicide Squad do seem to reach a consensus on one or two things, and one of them is Margot Robbie's take on the beloved character of Harley Quinn. And the biggest confirmation of all that Robbie was doing something right could come from none other than the creator of Harley Quinn himself, Paul Dini, who sang the actress's praises even before having seen the full feature.

'That's It. That's My Girl'

Comic book author Paul Dini worked with Bruce Timm to introduce Harley Quinn in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992, and the character has grown and evolved ever since. Now, at the world premiere of Suicide Squad, Dini revealed to that he absolutely loved Robbie's interpretation of Harley:

"Every clip that I've seen of Margot as Harley, she seems to have nailed it perfectly. When she's introducing herself to Katana, when she's walking around with the bat behind her shoulders, she just seems to have really channeled the true spirit of the character. Seeing that come alive is just amazing for me. I saw the shot yesterday of her and Joker in the therapy session getting ready to kiss, and I was just like, 'That's it, that's my girl.'"

Can you get any more complimentary than this?

Harley Quinn's Long History, From TV To The Big Screen

Before she finally made her first steps on the silver screen in Suicide Squad, Harley had quite the comic book journey. In fact, because she was created for Batman: The Animated Series, she's one of the rare DC characters to not have been brought to life first on the page.

Dini has talked extensively about the process that went into creating one of the most popular DC characters, but it's still amazing how fast she made her way into readers' hearts.

"I had to give the joker some henchman, and I thought, what about a girl? [...] I liked the idea of somebody who would kind of make jokes and kind of piss the Joker off, but he would have her around for some reason. [...] I named her Harley Quinn because I thought that keeps up with the clown motif."

At the premiere this week, he elaborated on this balance that Harley was intended to bring to the extremely intense Batman-Joker relationship.

"She became a great counterpoint for Batman, a contrast in a scene where something grim would be happening, and she'd just make a joke; it would give the scene a completely different energy. I think if the audience is really invested in the action of what Batman is doing, and you have a character who can do compliment that as far as humor goes, it's going to hit the same way with the audience."

Even her fathers probably didn't expect that her obsession with the Joker would become more like the opposite of a light-hearted joke.

Are you going to see Suicide Squad as soon as it's out? What's your favorite version of Harley Quinn?



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