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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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Nick Jonas is always up for a challenge so it seems, especially if he has the excuse to strip off. The latest episode of Bear Grylls's celebrity survival show, Running Wild, had Nick teaming up with the outdoor action man to strip down and cross the glacial landscape, diving into polar waters. Removing their clothing ensured the pair would have dry, warm clothing to jump into once they made it across the lake. Nick proved to be very game and took off everything leaving just his tight black Calvin Klein boxers.

Risking frostbite and possible heart attack, the two plunged into the water, wading their way across with encouraging words being shouted by Nick throughout.

At temperatures like that, I imagine his heart must have stopped but the images of him in those boxers definitely set our hearts racing — although this is not the first time Nick has teased us all while posing in his Calvin Kleins:

Jonas is not one to shy away from nudity when it's required for his work, and he feels it's appropriate for the role. In an interview with E!News Nick said:

"If the art required it and it was a role I felt really committed to and like I had to go there with it, I would do whatever it takes to tell the story."

It's fair to say Nick has garnered plenty of experience appearing in the buff on camera, from his work in the TV show Kingdom to the raunchy scenes in Careful What You Wish For, fans have ogled the sexy body of the Jonas brother. It's not just his acting that he'll strip down for either, his latest album has him posing topless too:

Has Nick left you hot under the collar, or does he need to cool it down? Tell us below!


Have we seen too much of Nick Jonas?

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