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Supergirl fans are more excited than ever for the upcoming second season, especially now that Superman will finally be making an appearance. We recently got a look at Tyler Hoechlin in the outfit and it's only increased our excitement.

However, new information suggests that there is more to Superman's appearance on the show than we initially thought: There are set photos circulating on social media that suggest that some of the action will be taking place in Metropolis. Considering how important Metropolis is to the Superman mythology, this is a huge step forward for the show. Take a look at some of of the photos below.

This begs the question: Why is Supergirl in Metropolis? Looking at some of the photo's above we can see Luthor Corp, so does this mean that Lex is in town? There are many possible reasons for Kara journeying to Metropolis, so let's take a look at some possibilities below and what the inclusion of the famous city means for the show.

Superman's Introduction

The new Dynamic Duo.
The new Dynamic Duo.

We've known for a while that Superman would be appearing in the second season of Supergirl, but up until we now we've merely assumed that Clark would come to National City but perhaps it is the other way around — what if Kara has to go to Metropolis to meet up with her cousin?

Think about it: If Superman/Clark's introduction on the show takes place in Metropolis then technically they are also introducing the new location and famous landmarks — it would be like a new chapter for Supergirl and it would open up doors for future storylines and other famous DC Metropolis based characters. Perhaps Metropolis will become a second home for Supergirl — with the show's production moved to Vancouver, there would be plenty of new locations to film in.

Clark Needs Kara's Help

Will Kara venture to Metropolis to help out?
Will Kara venture to Metropolis to help out?

Perhaps there will be trouble in Metropolis and Clark will be unable to handle it on his own. The two have been instant messaging throughout the first season — not to mention Superman has saved her on occasion — but perhaps this time Clark will need Kara's help to take down a threat.

We saw in the Season 1 finale that even Superman was affected by Myriad, so perhaps there are other things that make Kara's Kryptonian DNA stronger than Clark's. It'll be interesting to see the pair together in the infamous Metropolis — arguably the most famous fictional city ever.

Kara's Job

Will Kara's work the her to Metropolis?
Will Kara's work the her to Metropolis?

Now that Kara has been promoted and Cat Grant will be a recurring character, perhaps Kara's work will take her to Metropolis. Kara works for the biggest news agency in National City — CatCo Worldwide Media — and Clark works for the biggest in Metropolis — The Daily Planet — so it's entirely likely that the two firms would cross paths at some point and who better to make the connection than Clark and Kara?

I would also love to see a face off between Cat Grant and Perry White — the two biggest media moguls in the world. The tension would be magnificent and, knowing Cat, the scene would be hilarious.

The Pod

Who is in the pod?
Who is in the pod?

Season 1 concluded with a seemingly Kryptonian pod arriving in National City. Regardless of whether the person inside is friend or foe, it's likely that Kara would consult with her cousin about this possible threat — he is after all the only other Kryptonian alive that she still trusts.

Clark has more experience in dealing with threats, so Kara will more than likely require guidance on how to proceed with the matter.

Metropolis Opens Up Many Possibilities

Metropolis in "Smallville."
Metropolis in "Smallville."

We can debate over the reasoning as to why Kara will travel to Metropolis for hours — the truth is we don't know yet. What we do know is that introducing Metropolis will open up many storyline possibilities for the show. Up until now, certain characters had been off limits for Supergirl because they are Metropolis-centric characters.

Now that Superman is a recurring character on the show, the introduction of Metropolis will allow Supergirl to face-off against many of her cousins infamous villains. Who knows, we may even see Lex Luthor or Perry White drop by at some point. Let's hope so!

Supergirl's CW-based second season is shaping up to be better than it's first, with the potential crossovers, Lynda Carter's appearance, Calista Flockhart returning and Superman appearing, we couldn't be more excited. Metropolis opens up so many possibilities for Supergirl and I cant wait to see what happens next!

What do you think about Supergirl taking a trip to Metropolis? Tell me in the comment section below.



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