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Young Justice was Cartoon Network's big hit with it being loved by fans. Featuring sidekicks of members of the Justice League and some young heroes, it was hard not to love the show. Fantastically written and beautifully animated, Young Justice had everyone talking.

Unfortunately, the show has suffered some tragic circumstances with Cartoon Network cold, bloody axing of the show, leaving it to end at Season 2. Of course, this sparked anger from longtime fans of the show and petitions were created and hashtags began trending in attempts to renew the show on Twitter. Fans wanted the show back, but Cartoon Network wasn't budging. However, that doesn't mean Young Justice stops here — we may be getting a live-action version of the show in the Arrowverse. Here's a breakdown of the whole situation:

Speedster Wally West Is Joining The Flash

Wally West was one of the most memorable characters in the show Young Justice. His quick and witty humor won the audience over and he always played a huge part in the story of Young Justice. So, having Wally West on the show as a speedster may just be our first step closer to a Young Justice show since he was an iconic character on the show.

Oliver On Arrow Is Recruiting New Members Like Artemis

Fans of the show will quickly recognize and know who Artemis is because, like Wally West, she also played an important part in the show. This archer will be heading her way to the CWs Arrow in the next season of Arrow.

Oliver is also recruiting Wild Dog. Now, while he's never been a member on the show, he still ticks the boxes to be part of the team. The character may look a little older than the other members, but there are possibilities he can just be the team leader with the support of heroes like Green Arrow and The Flash.

Superboy Will Join Supergirl (Kinda)

In the season finale of Supergirl the audience was left clueless as to who could be in the capsule. We see a ship just like Kara's land on Earth and it's easily suggesting another Kryptonian will be joining the show. Now this has lead to theories of Superboy joining Supergirl.

During Season 1 when producer Andrew Kreisberg was asked by IGN if we would see Cadmus introduce Superboy (or more likely his clone), he assured fans that's it'll be something for Season 2:

"[Cadmus] is going to remain more of an evil, specter-y thing that’s out there, but it’s definitely something that we’re going to pursue. It’ll definitely be part of Season 2."

He did say definitely, which begs the question if Cadmus will introduce Superboy on Supergirl. With Superman already making his Supergirl debut, it's only fair to have Superboy to and it'll just leave us one step closer to having a live-action show of Young Justice.

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Young Justice Could Be The Focus Of The Third Season Of Legends of Tomorrow And Could Be A Replacement For Arrow

Legends of Tomorrow currently has a lot planned for its second season. It's confirmed that we'll see Justice Society of America, a team of the D-list superheroes. The time-traveling misfits will also be taking down the Legion of Doom, another team of villains who have appeared on Flash and Arrow before.

Clearly the show has a lot going on and some exciting things planned, but it can run out of story quickly after the second season and it's important to keep the show fresh.

We have been promised a Teen Titans show before and unfortunately that won't be happening, but having a Young Justice show will be just as good.

There's so many possibilities to give Young Justice another chance with a live-action show and with all these characters set to appear in Arrow and Flash, there's no better time. Fans also wouldn't need to protest about not having a cartoon series on Cartoon Network.

Having a Young Justice live action would be a dream come true for many, but nothing along the lines of a live action show has been confirmed. All we can do now is hope until the CW and Warner Bros. give us one.

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