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There are plenty of reasons to be excited for the second season of Supergirl with its move to The CW, the possibility of more crossovers with the other Arrow-verse shows, Lynda Carter's appearance, Calista Flockhart's confirmed return and of course — Superman finally appearing on the show.

However, today we also learned that Lena Luthor — Lex Luthor's sister — will be coming to National City. Jurassic World actress Katie McGrath will be playing Lex's sister and will arrive in National City after her brother is incarcerated. Lena plans to re-brand the family name, fixing the damage that Lex has done to it. Kara must determine if Lena is friend or foe.

It's exciting to hear about Lena Luthor but the moment I heard the word Luthor, I immediately thought about Lex — and I wondered if he will be far behind. It's entirely possible that Lex could make an appearance on Supergirl, especially when his family name is brought into question.

Luthor Corp

LuthorCorp as it appears in "Smallville."
LuthorCorp as it appears in "Smallville."

Recent photos from the Supergirl set suggested that Metropolis was going to be a key setting for the second season, Among one of the photos is a building with "Luthor Corp" branded on the side. There is no way that this is only for decoration — this suggests a plan to make the audience aware of the Luthor name and with Lena confirmed to be coming to National City, this makes me wonder what will become of Luthor Corp over in Metropolis.

Lex has always had a superiority complex and he yearns for power — Luthor Corp is his way of remaining in control even when he is not. Lex runs the show, so even if his sister does maintain control of the company, he won't be able to stay away.

Superman Is On The Show, Why Not Lex?

The new dynamic duo — Kara and Clark.
The new dynamic duo — Kara and Clark.

It was a tough battle, but producers of Supergirl finally got permission to use the Man of Steel in their upcoming second season. Superman is arguably the most famous comic book hero of all time and the cousin of our leading lady so his appearance is a huge turning point for the show. Moreover, his arrival will certainly open a whole new world of possible characters and storylines that could explored on future seasons of Supergirl — why not start with Superman's archenemy Lex Luthor?

Lex is Superman's sworn enemy — no matter what way the Superman story is told, Lex will always be the bad guy. If we are getting the Man of Steel then it's only fair we get his arch-nemesis too. It's interesting that when Lena arrives in National City, Lex is incarnated — this means, in the Supergirl universe, that Lex is already a villain. His incarceration will likely be at the hands of Superman, so why not have the two face off again — this time on screen, where we can witness it happen?

Maxwell Lord

Maxwell Lord — Supergirl's answer to Lex Luthor.
Maxwell Lord — Supergirl's answer to Lex Luthor.

Maxwell Lord was Supergirl's version of Lex Luthor during the first season, albeit with slightly more heart and soul. Think about it — he wanted to analyze Supergirl and even created his own version of the Girl of Steel in Bizarro. His high tech toys and billionaire reputation made him the most famous man in National City. However, we knew that he was capable of much worse, although he didn't quite get there during the first season.

This makes me wonder about a potential appearance from Lex — could an appearance from Lex harm Lord's status at the villain? Perhaps not, in fact because the two run their own successful companies its entirely possible that they know each other. At the moment, Lord knows when to back off and he even helped save the human race in the season finale, but an alignment with the Luthors would be like selling his soul to the devil — many adaptations of Lex Luthor are known to be ruthless and at the very least, obsessed with taking down Superman. A potential alliance between the two could provide for some great storylines — storylines that could change National City forever.

Thinking about the possibilities like.
Thinking about the possibilities like.

It's great that Supergirl is introducing another powerful woman to the cast, but as Lena gets settled in National City, we can't help but wonder if Lex will be far behind — especially when his family name is at stake. Supergirl and Superman had better watch their back, because the Luthors are not to be trusted.

Do you think Lex could ever show up on Supergirl? Tell me in the comment section below.

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