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Apart from their line of movies and hit streaming series, Marvel also announced their brand new comic book grand event at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. The event is set to begin this December and the writers have already teased that it will deeply affect Marvel’s comic landscape, as it could potentially bring to extinction one of Marvel’s largest group of heroes. We are talking about Inhumans vs. X-Men.

Though the six-issue series doesn’t begin ‘til Winter comes, could the outcome of this grand event be the snowball that will gradually build up the introduction of mutants to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It’s a high possibility, and this is why:

What We Know So Far About Inhumans Vs. X-Men

"Death of X" | Marvel
"Death of X" | Marvel

The Terrigen Mist has reached a tipping point on the Earth’s atmosphere, with saturated levels that could bring all mutants to extinction. To stop this, mutants must come together to finally get rid of this terrible pandemic, but that creates an issue. The Terrigen Mist is the Inhuman’s power source — what transforms them into their enhanced state. Completely eliminating the Terrigen Mist is synonymous with “no more new Inhumans.” Although there will be an all-out war between the two supergroups, that doesn’t mean that both sides will be in total harmony. As writer Jeff Lemire said in a discussion with

“Like any large group of people, neither the mutants nor the Inhumans act like they have a hive mind. Meaning they are a diverse group, with many points of view and many agendas. So it’s not so black and white. There are not simply two sides to this battle. So, for the mutants, not everyone will agree with the conflict. And there will be factions within even those groups.”

While there will be many micro groups within groups and powerful members for both sides, mutants and the X-Men have been on a decline for quite some time over at Marvel. Whether this is due to the X-Men’s film rights being currently owned by 20th Century Fox or something else, we are already seeing how mutants are rapidly reaching their death (Marvel’s Death of X hits shelves this October). It may be a factor, but Marvel and Fox’s relationship has been seeing a positive turn very recently. So, could the studios' change of heart and a possible mutant extinction in the comics be preparing mutants and the X-Men for a massive reset in both the comic landscape and the cinematic universe? In other words: Are we actually going to see the merge of Mutants and Inhumans into one single group/species?

Making Inhumans And Mutants One And The Same

X-Men | Marvel
X-Men | Marvel

It’s not an over-the-top concept and it would be a way, if not one of the the best ways, to introduce mutants to the MCU. First, by fusing mutants and Inhumans in the comics, making them one and the same, it could be the key to the survival of both groups. There are countless ways to make such a thing transpire, but looking ahead of that, it actually makes sense to come to such an epic conclusion. One could say that Inhuman prominence in Marvel these past years has been the answer to Fox’s control over mutants on the big screen. Of course, Inhumans were created long before superheroes became billion-dollar blockbusters, but we can’t deny that they’ve only become well-known in recent years (e.g. Marvel animated series and ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). With Marvel and Fox finally working together (FX's Legion), it’s becoming more plausible that mutants could finally come home. The big twist would be if they’ve been home all along. OK sure, they could do it, but…

Should Marvel Merge Inhumans With Mutants?

Inhuman Royal Family | Marvel
Inhuman Royal Family | Marvel

The biggest slap-in-the-face would be to Inhumans in general, as making them just another sect of mutants (like the Morlocks) would diminish their sophistication and individuality. This though, is due to interpretation, as one could also say that by making Inhumans mutants, they are a dominant alteration of the mutant species. To put it in historical comic book terms, we could say that when the Kree created Inhumans from humans, they actually created enhanced mutants from mutants. Either way, if they do merge, both Inhumans and Mutants would lose a part of their particularity — in what they have ultimately fulfilled throughout their history, and what they have ultimately become in the eyes and minds of many devoted fans.

What do you think though? Could Inhumans actually being mutants be the key of introducing the X-Men to the MCU? What do you think will happen in Inhumans vs. X-Men? Will one group see their end in the Marvel Universe? Leave your thoughts down in the comments!

Take a look at the behinds-the-scenes of the most recent X-Men movie X-Men: Apocalypse below:


What do you think will happen in 'Inhumans vs. X-Men'?


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