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Suicide Squad is now out and it looks to be a hit. No doubt DC and Warner Brothers are already looking into making a sequel. Now, one of the coolest parts of the Suicide Squad concept is that the roster is interchangeable. There is always a need for new members and there is no better place to look than the plethora of DC Comics' villains. From Batman to The Flash, every DC superhero seems to have a great rogues gallery filled with classic characters. That doesn't mean they're all winners though.

For every Harley Quinn or Lex Luthor there are tons of villains that are best left forgotten. They truly are the worst of the worst. If you don't believe me here are 10 supervillains who should be nowhere near the Suicide Squad.

1. Human Flying Fish

Imagine all the lame jokes you have heard about Aquaman over the years. Then take away all of the cool things you know about the character like super strength, being a king and talking to ocean creatures. Congratulations, you now know what Human Flying Fish is like.

2. Egg Fu

Being a mad scientist is a classic supervillain trope. Every superhero should have one in their rogue gallery. A giant egg that doubles as a racist Yellow Peril caricature? Not so much.

3. Kite-Man

Every criminal needs a getaway vehicle after a big heist. Using a giant kite like a hang glider may be the worst possible choice. In a world where half of the heroes can fly you might a well turn yourself in.

4. Dr. No Face

Testing a skin rejuvenation ray, Doctor Paul Dent ends up erasing his whole face. Naturally he went on a criminal rampage defacing the faces of posters and statues. No powers, no cool costume — he isn't even a real doctor. He really is of no use to the Suicide Squad unless they really hate the Game of Thrones Season 6 poster.

5. Ten-Eyed Man

Blinded by an explosion, security guard Philip Reardon had his optic nerves reconnected to his fingers. He lost a fight against Man-Bat when he grabbed a shrub that was thrown at him. I'm not totally sure, but I bet being unable to grab things make for a poor soldier.

6. Condiment King

Released from prison because juries and parole boards didn't take him seriously, he went on to get beaten by Batgirl and Robin. Not even Batman but his sidekicks. In fact, he was called Musard Man by Batman. You know things are bad when the World's Greatest Detective doesn't bother to get your name right.

7. Egghead

On the one hand you're played by Vincent Price, which is pretty awesome. On the other, your whole schtick is that you like eggs and egg-based puns. At least Egg Fu has someone to pal around with?

8. Snowflame

Super strength? Pyrokinesis? Immunity to pain? All of this sounds great until you realize Snowflame is only powered when he's high on coke. Somehow I doubt Amanda Waller wants someone who's only effective after they've seen Nino Brown.

9. Blue Snowman

A small-town school teacher decided to extort a neighboring farmer with a weapon that creates super-cold snow. Maybe the trailers for Suicide Squad are misleading, but I assume they are facing a bigger threat than a local farmer.

10. Turtle Man

Inspired by a different turtle-based villain Turtle Man had the genius plan of beating The Flash by being slow and hiding. The self-professed Slowest Man On Earth is less a supervillain and more a lazy guy who looks like a the uncle you don't want to talk to at Thanksgiving.

Mission: Impossible

Despite poor reviews Suicide Squad is expected to do huge numbers opening 4,250 theaters and is expected to make $140 million in it's opening weekend. Needless to say a sequel is more than expected. No matter where they go with this hopefully they avoid these guys.

Take a look at what the critics inside Harley's head have to say about it all:

Did I miss anybody? Are these the worst of the worst? Let me know in the comments section.


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