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Brooke Chook Trezise

Human blood and limb dismemberment is far from an uncommon sight when it comes to an episode of Rick & Morty, but in "Look Who’s Purging Now," Roiland and Harmon take it to a whole new, head-rolling level. Rick and Morty visit what turns out to be a "Purge Planet," a direct reference to James DeMonaco’s 2013 thriller, The Purge. The premise is based on the practice that — in an attempt to curb violence and crime — the local civilization allows one night a year where all crimes are legal. Cue mayhem, violence and a calm acceptance of imminent death.

Overcome with morbid fascination, Rick forces Morty to stay and watch, but even his stomach of steel is turned when the "festivities" begin. And in the end it all turns out to be too much for Morty's fragile conscience.

And because a parody-based show making a parody isn’t meta enough, here is a video of footage from "Look Who’s Purging Now" (2015) mashed with the soundtrack from The Purge trailer (2013).

What is your favorite Rick & Morty episode?


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