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Whatever the box office performance Suicide Squad manages to pull off in the end, its opening will be one for the ages. We talked extensively about the gap between fans and critics when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came out, but the rage that erupted when most of the early reviews deemed the movie unworthy of building a solid DCEU was stronger than an angry El Diablo's flame — so strong, in fact, that one fan established a petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes.

Such an atmosphere couldn't have fared well with the nerves of the cast, and while some actors threw vague shade towards the unenthusiastic commenters, director David Ayer got himself caught up in the infamous Marvel vs DC frenzy. At the world premiere of Suicide Squad in New York City, he was on stage when he echoed one's fan passionate call to "F*ck Marvel!" — and quickly apologized for the unprofessional move.

It was the perfect time for Marvel's godfather to step in, then, and inspire everyone to step back and laugh at the rivalries: Stan Lee a.k.a. The Man, everlasting symbol of comic book fandom and king of the cameos.

How Would We Get Along Day After Day Without Stan Lee Explaining Things?

The creator of countless superheroes, including Spider-Man, the X-Men and Iron Man, Lee has been spreading the old man wisdom for a while now — his video is from 2012, yet feels like it was made just for the purpose of responding to Ayer's little outburst. And it worked, apparently, as the director took to Twitter again to appreciate that it was all in good fun.

The Stan Lee Diplomacy

It's not the first time Lee has proven he had a real knack for diplomacy, as he always manages to avoid tricky questions asking him to pick a side or a favorite character with a little self-deprecating humor on top. Asked what his least favorite cameo was, he seemingly answered before explaining why he simply couldn't have one:

"Seriously, I don't have any non-favorite cameos. It's just such fun to be there."

Same thing when we wanted him to pick a side in the Captain America: Civil War showdown — even if he had one, he wouldn't dream of trashing the opposite team.

"Because Chris Evans is about half an inch taller than Robert Downey Jr. That's as good a reason as any, if you have to have a reason!"

When some DC fans are quick to accuse critics of being paid by Marvel to favor the studio in their reviews, it seems like we could all take note of the Lee attitude and end two thumbs up to anyone throwing a "f*ck you" our way.

Do you think that fans should stop feeding the Marvel/DC rivalry?


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