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The cast of Suicide Squad can't seem to go anywhere without having questions about the film's seriously mixed-to-negative reviews thrown at them. A day after Cara Delevingne hit out at "really horrible" critics, three more cast members spoke out while walking the red carpet.

Joel Kinnaman, who plays Amanda Waller's right-hand man Rick Flag, was as typically chilled as his on-screen military counterpart, telling Digital Spy:

"We're really proud of this film ... this is a work of love, and I hope the fans like it."

Karen Fukuhara, whose heroine Katana usually prefers to let her sword Soultaker do the talking, was also pretty diplomatic:

"We honestly made it for the hardcore DC fans and I just hope that they enjoy the movie. I can't wait until August 5, until everyone can see it ... much love."

That said, Warner Bros. will certainly be hoping that millions of people beyond "hardcore DC fans" go see Suicide Squad.

Finally, Jay Hernandez, who plays Diablo and looks totally unrecognizable with a full head of hair (and, you know, without the tats) had his moment, and he had a few choice words for those critics who've taken a flamethrower to Suicide Squad:

"We worked hard, tried to give the fans what they wanted ... It's weird, some of the criticism I've heard is that it was too much like a comic book ... like Harley Quinn being objectified — I mean, there's certain elements that are just part of being a comic book. You have to sort of be true to that 'cos if you don't the fans of the comics are gonna be offended ... I think we did it. I think the critics can kiss my ass! [laughs]"

With Suicide Squad hitting theaters today across the globe, we'll know soon enough whether the cast or the critics will have the last laugh. You can check out the full video with the cast's red carpet comments courtesy of DigitalSpy.

Who'll Have The Last Laugh: DC Or The Critics?


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