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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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It must be awful for celebrities to be chased in the streets by adoring fans, but what if one of those fans is a fellow celebrity? Leonardo DiCaprio is the latest star to pull a trick on an unsuspecting celeb. Jonah Hill was seen innocently waiting at the side of the road in NYC when Leo spotted him and thought it would be a perfect moment to scare his former co-star.

Leo comes running at full speed at off duty Jonah, wielding his mobile phone like a crazed fan. Hill jumps out of his skin at the sight of a man charging toward him, only to realize upon closer inspection that it's none other than his Wolf of Wall Street co-star Leo. Jonah shakes off his obvious shock with laughter and the two hug it out. Watch the video to see for yourself:

This could see the beginning of yet another celebrity pranking feud. No doubt Jonah has some payback in mind as Hill told Entertainment Tonight, “It was just funny! I was totally taken off guard, I was scared shitless. It was the best, man.” Surely justice must be served?

But it's not just Leo doing all the pranking, throughout Hollywood there are tales, videos and on-going feuds between celebrities. Here are some of the funniest practical jokes that have ever happened in tinseltown:

1. George Clooney and Brad Pitt

The ultimate celebrity pranking feud. This one has been going on for many years, starting when the two met on the set of Ocean's Twelve. From placing offensive bumper stickers on each other's cars — "I'm Gay and I vote!" and "F**K the COPS!" — to George sending a guide to accents to legendary accent imitator Meryl Streep signing it from Brad. The two enjoy this on-going sparring match of pranks and it is regularly the focus of questions in interviews. Clooney, when asked by Vanity Fair about the feud, said this:

“I am working on a prank that will end his career... If you take the time, if you’re willing to sit on one for a couple of years, and just plant the seed… There’s no rush.”

Watch out Brad, George is coming to get you!

2. Paul Rudd and Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien often takes the time to show his guests' latest movie clips, something he regrets doing with Paul Rudd. Rudd continuously replaces his movie promo clips with this wheelchair scene from Mac and Me:

Poor Conan is sitting there, expecting the TV to show a genuine movie promo, and he repeatedly ends up with this. You know what they say though: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me — and Conan, it's definitely happened more than twice.

3. Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon

When Jimmy Kimmel had the audacity to bump Matt Damon from his show, little did he know Damon would get his revenge. In the now virally famous song "I'm F**king Matt Damon," we see Damon and comedienne Sarah Silverman who was Kimmel's girlfriend at the time pay back Jimmy for snubbing the Good Will Hunting star. If you haven't heard the song, watch the video below:

Kimmel responded with another song, namely "I'm F**king Ben Affleck," as Ben and Matt were Hollywood's top leading men at time, having written and starred in many films together. There is an ongoing joke between Kimmel and Matt in that Kimmel repeatedly bumps Matt from his show. Ben Affleck recently hid Matt within his suit by wrapping him around his body and snuck him onto the Kimmel show, much to Kimmel's dismay.

4. Amy Schumer and Kimye

Amy Schumer is not one for not making a scene and happily makes fun of herself and the ridiculousness of celebrity. It's no surprise then that she pranked the most celeb couple on the planet: Kimye. At Time 100 Gala 2015, Amy saw that the paparazzi were going crazy for Kimye and no one else, and the two reportedly looked less than happy to be there; cue Amy. She face planted right at the feet of the couple, much to the entertainment of the onlookers. Kimye barely reacted at all and walked on by. Schumer has since been praised for the act. While interviewed on The Graham Norton Show, she said:

“I think falling is the funniest thing, so I just took a dive in front of them,”

To which the audience loudly applauded, and Amy responded:

"Thank You, I'm doing God's work!"

The internet and Schumer fans certainly enjoyed the joke, even if Kimye didn't.

For even more celebrity pranks, head over here!

Which prank do you think was the funniest?

(Sources: Vanity Fair, Entertainment Tonight)


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