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Ever wanted to stand in the same position as your favorite Stranger Things characters? Do you want to relive one of the scariest scenes in true 360 degree style? Then you're in the right place, because Netflix US & Canada's YouTube channel have released this exciting virtual reality experience for all fans to indulge in:

The scene is from the iconic moment in which mother Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) attempts to communicate with her son Will in “Upside-Down.” This ultimately causes all sorts of mishaps with the lighting and household items within the 360 degree surroundings you are placed in. Can you face it? Are you tough enough to withstand the horrors of the paranormal?

Perhaps this immersive experience will unlock more of the hidden secrets you missed when watching the nostalgic Netflix series! I'm sure you've heard the news that a possible bridge between Seasons 1 and 2 will consist of an 8-bit video game — perhaps this VR experience will lead up to a full game being released?

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Are you freaking out due to the 360 degree horror-fest? Then why not relax and unwind by watching the beloved cast of Stranger Things react to the VR experience! Here is the video:

One part spooky, two parts adorable! Let's all hope that Season 2 will reveal more spooks and scares. The wait is already killing me!

Go behind the scenes on the mind-bending VFX that went into creating all the other-worldly and creepy events in Stranger Things in the Movie Pilot original video below:

Did You Get Spooked By The Stranger Things VR Experience?


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