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We got a new trailer for Fox's upcoming adaptation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show a few weeks back at SDCC, but we now have brand new photos thanks to People Magazine and they are showcasing the cast. This photo set includes Laverne Cox, Victoria Justice, Ryan McCartan, Adam Lambert, and Tim Curry — the only Rocky Horror veteran returning.

Although most people are still on the fence regarding this new adaptation, I think we all can admit that they are trying to channel the characters. I personally don't quite understand the looks for characters like Dr. Scott and Riff Raff, but it's not all bad. Either way, we will find out for sure this Fall when The Rocky Horror Picture Show airs on Fox.

Laverne Cox As Frank-N-Furter

The Orange is the New Black veteran has taken the job of tackling Tim Curry's classic role of the sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania.

Victoria Justice As Janet Weiss

Former Nickelodeon child star takes over the role of Janet, originally played by Susan Sarandon.

Ryan McCartan As Brad Majors

Actor and singer McCartan is set to give us a new version of the character, Brad, originally played by Barry Bostwick.

Reeve Carney As Riff Raff

The Penny Dreadful veteran takes on the role originally played by RHPS creator, Richard O'Brien.

See Also:

Christina Milian As Magenta

The former child star takes on the role originally played by Patricia Quinn.

Annaleigh Ashford As Columbia

This Broadway veteran is tackling the role of Eddie's ex-lover, originally played by Little Nell.

Staz Nair As Rocky

The former X-Factor competitor bares it all to play the title character, originally played by Peter Hinwood.

Adam Lambert As Eddie

Former American Idol runner-up, and touring vocalist for Queen, tackles the role originally played by rock legend, Meat Loaf.

Ivy Levan As The Usherette

This American pop artist joins Frank-N-Furter in fishnet stockings as the Usherette.

Ben Vereen As Dr. Everett Scott

Broadway legend Vereen takes on the role of Dr. Scott, originally played by Jonathan Adams.

Tim Curry As The Criminologist

Curry is the only original RHPS cast member to return for the Fox production. Curry, who suffered a stroke in 2013, originally portrayed Frank-N-Furter.


Will you watch the new version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

[Source] People Magazine


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