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DC’s highly anticipated Suicide Squad hits theaters today, much to the excitement of pretty much everyone. The film chronicles several baddies from the DC Extended Universe, including Deadshot, Harley Quinn, the Joker and Captain Boomerang. By now, you've probably read some negative things online, but don't let that stop you from joining in the fun. Suicide Squad is one hell of a ride you don't want to miss. Don't believe me? Here's why!

Amanda Waller Is A Badass

Image courtesy of Warner Bros.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros.

Many great actors have brought Amanda Waller to life in various live-action and animated adaptions, but the remarkable Viola Davis takes the character to a whole other level. Davis portrays Waller with such flare that truly personifies the Wall’s ruthlessness, intimidation and intelligence. She may not have special abilities like Diablo or Enchantress, but she doesn’t need them. She’s able to keep a group of the nation’s most dangerous criminals in line with mere coercion. If that’s not the definition of badass, I don’t know what is.

One thing that works really well for the character is her unpredictability — like, what would happen if Waller gets upset? Something tells me that not many people know, because those who have gone against her are probably now buried six feet under. Waller is someone you really don’t want to piss off if you want to avoid unleashing hell on the world. It’s best to appease the beast and avoid that ferocity. Lastly, it’s not every day we have such a powerful female character on the big screen, and it’s truly magnificent to have Davis breathing new life into the ever-resourceful Waller.

That’s Not What They Really Said

Image courtesy of Warner Bros.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros.

Fan favorite Harley Quinn finally makes her cinematic debut with Suicide Squad — and she is delightful! Margot Robbie has the honor of introducing Harley to the DCEU. She's a character who didn't originate from the comics, but rather, from Batman: The Animated Series. Harley is one of Suicide Squad's biggest gems, the innocent-faced maniac is a whole lot of fun and she sure is infectious.

Much like past iterations, Harley is a savage when she has to be. Don't let her cute attire fool you; she is extremely dangerous. You wouldn't want to find yourselves on the receiving end of her baseball bat. Fortunately, one thing is keeping her from going too dark: love.

For better or for worse, Harley's heart belongs to the Joker, and therefore she won't get the happy ending many of us dream of. Her story tugs at your heartstrings as she fantasizes about being reunited with her puddin' and the life she so desperately wants with him, but we know she won't get her heart's desire. Her love is a criminal, and criminals rarely get happy endings, not even the fun-loving criminals.

Image courtesy of Warner Bros.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros.

The Joke's On You

The Joker makes his DCEU debut in Suicide Squad, and it is phenomenal. While past live-action adaptions focused solely on the clown prince and his antics, Suicide Squad explores a different, untapped area of the Joker that is often ignored — his romantic side. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t see a googly-eyed, lovey-dovey Joker, but you will be introduced to a Joker who cares. But don’t let that tender side fool you.

The Joker is the clown prince of crime for a reason, and you will definitely see some of those reasons in the film. Unfortunately, those wacky shenanigans that we know and love the Joker for (the fatal laughing gas, the acid-filled boutonnière’s) are nonexistent in this film, but the Joker more than makes up for it with good old-fashioned firepower and a whole lot of crazy — and thank goodness for all that crazy.

While this Joker may seem radically unfamiliar, at his core he is still a maniacal, troubled individual and if his scenes are any indications, we are definitely in for a treat the next time the Joker graces the big screen.

Everything Else…

Image courtesy of Warner Bros.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros.

If we had to jot down every single great thing about Suicide Squad, you would never switch your screen off! We won’t do that to you, so let's just cut to the chase. Suicide Squad features a grand array of characters that are more than just iterations of evil characters from comic books. These are characters that have a conscious like you and I. These are characters who, for some reason or another, are on the other side of the law, and for the purposes of our cinematic satisfaction, that's not such a bad thing.

Suicide Squad is different, innovative, superb and every word in between. What are you waiting for? Go watch the film and tell us what was your favorite part!

Suicide Squad is now playing in a theater near you.


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