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The verdict is in: Suicide Squad was pretty much a mess from start to finish - as far as the story went. It's upsetting to say this because the movie did look so great judging from the marketing, but this does seem to be the trend so far with the . I had similar feelings after I saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as I walked out mostly with things I didn't like. Between weird dialogue and choppy editing, Batman v Superman was also pretty messy once it arrived in theaters. However, there were still some things I did like. The list of positives was short but it did exist and unfortunately, the same applies for Suicide Squad.

I think at this point a majority of us who saw the movie can admit its faults, but also admit it wasn't all bad. Again, the list of positives might be short, but at least it does exist. With this article we'll talk about six things that were done right in Suicide Squad. Personally, I do still think these positive notes still had some room for improvement, they were definitely the highlights of the movie. At this point, I also think it's pretty safe to say that the response seems to be pretty consistent regarding both the positives and the negatives — but let's all be "glass half-full" for the moment!

6. Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller was one character the trailers didn't mislead us on. She is an incredibly mean woman, but I actually loved her. I liked that she was manipulative, deceiving, and flat-out ruthless. I feel like that's something that needed to be present to accept this woman as the "puppet master" of a squad like this. You never quite know what to expect from her and I think that was a breath of fresh air given how quickly the story flashed along.

Viola Davis did a great job portraying this callous squad leader and made it believable that someone just as crazy and bad could exist on the other side. Maybe it's all just a matter of self-control. I would go far enough to even suggest that Waller was the real villain of the movie as she was more developed and menacing than the villain we got.

5. The Music

There have been a lot of comparisons between Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy made since the movie premiered, and I think the music has a lot to do with that. Suicide Squad did something similar to what Marvel did and they utilized classic rock songs (including "Spirit in the Sky") as mini anthems for our squad members. Not only that, but they often set the tone for the scenes. We couldn't take many positives from this movie, but I think we can all agree that the soundtrack is pretty good.

Aside from contemporary and classic song choices, the original score composed by Steven Price was also very well done. It gave a sense of action, mysticism, and tenderness as the movie went on.

4. Harley Quinn's Scenes With The Joker

We'll get back to later on, but making a separate topic for her and the Joker is worthwhile. Seeing Harley on the big screen has been a long time coming and I don't know if she would have had quite the same impact if the Joker wouldn't have been present at all. With that said, the scenes that we were allowed to see between Harley and the Joker were fantastic. Their chemistry was spot on and they really had this dynamic of an insane couple wrapped in each other. Not to mention that lovely little Easter Egg they treated us to.

It is a bit strange to see an iteration of that is just as into Harley as she is into him, but it mostly worked in this case. His jealousy and desperation to find Harley matches her intense obsession with him. Their relationship could have been even better with more screen time, or just with scenes that were teased in the trailers, but hopefully we will get an extended cut of the movie later on. (Update: The Extended Cut of Suicide Squad hits digitally on November 15, 2016)

3. Deadshot

I will admit that I was nervous when I saw that Will Smith was cast as . I figured this would be yet another instance of Will Smith just playing the same character he always does. While it is essentially Smith just doing his thing, I surprisingly didn't mind it too much because in this case, the humor actually fits. When it comes down to it, I was happy when I walked away actually liking Deadshot.

Floyd Lawton was a solid mixture of humor and "bad guy," but there was still a person there to connect with and maybe even feel sorry for. I'm sure that we will see more of Deadshot, but I don't know if the performance was enough to gain a solo movie. I think they'll probably just utilize him for future cameos or with a Suicide Squad sequel. That is, if we even get a sequel.

2. The Joker

Moving past the "Jared Leto can't beat Heath Ledger" comments, I did enjoy Leto's performance as the Joker. Well, at least what we got to see of it. It appears a majority of the Joker's scenes were ultimately trimmed or cut entirely, and he's really not in the movie a whole lot, but Leto managed to bring a very worthy version of this iconic villain. I would say he's definitely more of a playful iteration, but that doesn't mean he's not intimidating. There was one scene in particular where his laugh literally gave me chills.

Even with that said, I will admit that the big negative about the Joker is he didn't really have to be there. It did feel at times like he was forced in just because they could do it and because he was what they banked the marketing on. His motivations weren't necessarily relevant to what they tried saying the main plot was and it was basically him just popping up in random places or appearing in flashbacks. That was a major disappointment because you could tell what they were trying to do and it just didn't get there. Here's to hoping we get an extended cut or even a special features section filled with his scenes that wound up on the cutting room floor.

1. Harley Quinn

Seriously, can we all just give a huge round of applause for ? She knocked her performance completely out of the park and Harley Quinn was easily the shining star of the whole ensemble. She was a great mixture of the animated series version and the newer comic and video game adaptations. She is hilarious, fearless, and completely insane. The only thing I thought was a tad off-putting was her accent because it's essentially a more high-pitched version of what Robbie did in The Wolf of Wall Street, but it still worked. All I had to say when the credits rolled was "That's my girl!" and I'm very happy that I walked away with that response.

Like I said earlier, I was disappointed that the extended flashbacks of Dr. Quinzel and the Joker didn't make the final cut, but I did love what we got of her backstory. It was quick and suffered at the hands of the choppy editing choices, but it was enough to let us know who she was and what she was all about. I just hope the overall response to Suicide Squad doesn't put Harley's solo movie in jeopardy because I definitely want to see more of her.

Find out just what those voices were telling Harley in the Movie Pilot original video below:

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