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DC's villains are great. Yes, I said GREAT. This will be the inaugural post that will begin this series of in-depth looks at the villains of DC movies. I feel like there is so much to enjoy about these characters that I think so many people are missing out on, so let's begin.


As Portrayed by Antje Traue in Man of Steel
As Portrayed by Antje Traue in Man of Steel

Now this one may be considered a stretch mainly based on the fact that she does not have much screen time and she also has very limited dialogue, but Faora-Ul is perhaps the most formidable of the opponents that Jor-El faces in Man of Steel. Though General Zod is the leader and main baddie, she is arguably the better fighter. She is General Zod's right hand (wo)man and she is absolutely ruthless.

Something wonderful about her character is how poetic and stoic she is. Not to mention she's stone cold.

"You are weak, Son of El, unsure of yourself. The fact that you possess a sense of morality, and we do not, gives us an evolutionary advantage. And if history has proven anything ...It is that evolution always wins."

What is great about her character is how in control she is. She never once loses her composure and pretty much dominates Superman during their one-on-one fight scene.

She is loyal only to Zod and will kill whoever is in the way. Don't forget the scene where she straight up annihilated those soldiers in Smallville.

What makes Faora compelling is the fact that we don't know much (if anything) about her. We only know what she can do. There is a great moment between her and Colonel Hardy (played by Christopher Meloni) where, after she plows through a load of soldiers, she moves forward towards Hardy and he shoots at her until he runs out of ammo, pulls out a knife (all the while knowing this will be his last fight, which makes it all the more badass), and Faora takes out her own knife and says, "A good death is its own reward."

This is an incredibly unappreciated scene in an under appreciated movie. This is a moment between two soldiers that share a mutual respect for each other as fellow warriors. It's an honorable scene as she pulls her blade out, knowing she could crush him, but she at least shows him the respect to face him eye-to-eye and allow him to put up a fight and die with dignity. Fortunately for the Colonel, he is saved in the nick of time and able to face her one last time, ironically spouting the same line she said to him before kamikaze flying the Kryptonian ship into the world engine to destroy it. Faora remains a solid secondary villain in the DC film canon, and that will just about do it for Faora's spotlight.

Stay on the DC hype train with this awesome trailer breakdown for the upcoming Justice League movie below:

Next time, we'll talk about Faora's General:

General Zod

As Portrayed by Michael Shannon in 'Man of Steel'
As Portrayed by Michael Shannon in 'Man of Steel'

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