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Suicide Squad has just hit theaters but it has already stirred a lot of trouble and controversy over just a few days. Critics are currently butchering the new DC film for an array of reasons including sloppy editing, poor writing and terrible pacing. Unfortunately, however, I would have to agree with them. The film is very poorly paced and very sloppily put together and it's an ultimate disappointment to the DC Extended Universe, maybe even more so than Batman v Superman.

One of the main reasons this movie is so poorly paced is because Suicide Squad is introducing us an new batch of characters we have yet see in the DC Extended Universe. Some that even people who haven't read the comic books yet would know like, the Joker and Harley Quinn but then there are others that people might not know of including Deadshot, Diablo, Amanda Waller, Rick Flag, Enchantress and many others. The first 35 - 40 minutes of this movie is just introducing the characters and it's just so incredibly sloppy and forced.

So, the question is: Did DC jump the gun on Suicide Squad?

What's truly disappointing about Suicide Squad is that many of the actors in this movie portray their characters very well. Will Smith brings new life into a mostly not well known DC villain, Margot Robbie is very fun and energetic as Harley Quinn, Joel Kinnaman was very likable as Rick Flag and even the usually uncharismatic Jai Courtney was very funny and even kind of likable as Captain Boomerang. However, with the rushed exposition on who characters are and how they ended up in prison, we lose a lot of important plot points.

People who are uneducated with the lore of Harley Quinn and Joker are going to be very confused with their relationship. The movie never really goes into detail about her time as a Arkham Asylum psychiatrist and how the Joker messed with her mind. They literally go from Joker requesting a machine gun, to a prison riot, to Joker giving her shock therapy, to Harley dancing at a strip club. And that's not even the worst of it.

Really, really, bad
Really, really, bad

We never really go into the characters of Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, Katana or even Enchantress that much. Most of their character development is the other characters or the movie itself telling us about them and what they're all about. The only characters who get any real development in this movie is Harley Quinn, Deadshot and even Rick Flag a bit. But even then, a lot of it is really rushed and still manages to leave some holes in the plot. All of this just makes me think about how this could've been a better movie saved for after the Justice League.

How could delaying Suicide Squad have help it?

Think about it. What if they introduced Joker and Harley Quinn in a solo Batman film, Captain Boomerang in the Flash solo film, maybe Killer Croc in Aquaman or Deadshot in another superhero solo film. This is one of DC's biggest leading problems, they have great movie ideas but aren't giving themselves any time to make them great. The big reason that Captain America: Civil War worked was because we were able to see the characters of Iron Man and Captain America fleshed out in a total of seven Marvel films. So when Civil War finally came out, it actually meant something that these two were clashing after so long.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had great potential but they just rushed into the idea too fast. If they had saved the idea for after a Justice League movie or two, then maybe there would have been more weight to the story and character motivations. Same can be said for Suicide Squad. This is a great idea for a movie but the movie spends way too much time explaining who the characters are, which they could have done in other movies, that they miss out on explaining other important plot points and character motives.

Throughout the movie, it is explained that Deadshot has a daughter and she is one of the most important things in his life. However, in the climatic battle, Enchantress starts to mess with the team's minds and show them their true desires and it shows Deadshot killing Batman, even though it was never established or even mentioned that that was what he desired or even wanted at all. If they had introduced all these villains in other DC movies that then have them team up for this movie, then that would have been a legitimate surprise for DC fans because we get to see these great villains share the screen and work off each other, instead of just watching character biographies for 40 minutes.

DC needs to take a big step back and think about what they are doing because this is now three out of three DC films that have failed to impress critics and audiences and I, personally, am very worried about Wonder Woman and Justice League.

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