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The Doctor Strange movie is approaching and so is the epic battle that is Avengers: Infinity War. Doctor Strange will follow the comic-book origin story of Stephen Strange who lost control of his hands in a car accident. To search for a cure, he goes to the Himalayas where he meets the Ancient One and understands the art of mysticism.

The MCU’s Dr. Strange

As hinted in Doctor Strange’s Teaser and Comic-Con trailers, Stephen and the One’s other pupils can alter reality or ‘transmute’. We also get a look at the Cape Of Levitation hinting that the Doctor can fly. Apart from that, we see the Ancient One separating Stephen’s soul from his body meaning he can also undergo astral projection as in the comics. Furthermore, he seems to be shooting some kind of mystic bolts too. Check out the trailers below:

But will Strange have one of his abilities like that in the comics? Will he be 'universally aware'? Universal awareness means that Dr. Strange can be aware of any dangers that may befall the Earth like time travelers, extra-dimensional invaders or space aliens. Most likely, the Ancient One teaches him universal awareness of quite a few things.

“There are other ways to save lives. So much you don’t know.” – The Ancient One

If he actually is ‘aware’ in the MCU, he probably knows about the biggest baddie out there in the universe.

What Does This Mean For The MCU?

This might actually mean good news for the Avengers who can now be pre-informed about the enormous threat that is upon them and the world. It will indicate that the Earth’s mightiest heroes can prepare to gather up once again- this time to clash against Thanos’ mighty army.


Do you think Dr. Strange knows about Thanos?


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