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Quite simply: I enjoyed Suicide Squad! Sadly, I probably wasn't as excited as I should have been; due to the critics tearing into it (like starving hyenas) before it was released. The movie was far from perfect, but Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn carried the movie from 'all right' to 'I f***s wit' it' with her performance.

Also, I'm not quite sure how Leto's Joker could even be remotely divisive -- he was barely in the movie. His one shining moment came courteous of that douchey prison guard. This one scene, early on, was easily the most chilling scene in the whole movie. Leto's body language mixed with his masculine dandy-ness created an uneasiness that seeped with possibilities. And that was it, nothing else really stood out (with the Joker). Furthermore, I'm glad that W.B. let Harley choose her own fate with the acid!


Honestly, I left the movie pissed. Y'see, I'm a huge fan of Batman: Assault on Arkham, and I thought DC squandered an opportunity to showcase the Joker. I only saw the movie once, but I have no clue why the Succubus wanted to destroy the world. Was she upset that the world stopped worshiping her? Or, was she just a cliche evil-doer? Sadly, I really don't care why she did what she did.

Also, I guess I'm upset that they just didn't have the Joker take a city hostage with a biological weapon. I know that's not very creative, but neither was Suicide Squad's main villain. Oh yeah, Will Smith was wonderfully cast as Deadshot!

All right, enough blabbering about The Skwad, let's talk about the bigger DC Universe. There's so much potential, but the casual viewers are starting to feel pessimistic towards the DCEU. Don't get me wrong; if Wonder Woman is a smash-hit then all things forgiven, and Geoff Johns will earn enough goodwill for a few films.

After Justice League, we get The Flash and Aquaman on the big screen! That's exciting for any long-term fans of the comics, and it should carry over to the casual audience with some stellar offerings. Marvel's first three movies were not nearly on par with their movies coming out today -- so, let's look at DC's first three movies as Superman's fate in BvS, shall we! Here are three things that would make DC movies better!


Warner Bros. must loosen the grip, or just say f*** it -- albeit none of these directors have the last name Nolan, but the DCEU can't survive with this shoddy of editing. Simply: Warner Bros must ride or die, and I know how crazy that sounds with billions of dollars on the line. But the alternative is the same if they can't find common ground.


Jimmy Olsen in BvS
Jimmy Olsen in BvS

How is Dick Grayson not already in the DCEU? Snyder killed Jimmy Olsen, and that just wasted an opportunity to have Clark interact and showcase his humanity. When you kill of minor characters, you then have to start all over again with other characters.

One of the reasons Marvel is so successful is because they have a plethora of reoccurring minor characters that help give the story some heft. When you see a Cap movie -- you expect to see The Winter Soldier; when you see an Iron Man movie, well, where's my Rhodey (okay, those might be kinda major)?


I loved Harley and Joker's dressed as an Alex Ross cover from the comics in Suicide Squad! That was a nice nod, and it wasn't some major moment from the source material. Batman v Superman tried to cram so many monumental moments from the comics into one movie that now one can laugh at the absurdity of it. Suicide Squad was a step in the right direction -- have faith, there's a reason why these characters are beloved, and it's not because of all the iconic moments from the comics (it helps).


The biggest positive from Suicide Squad is this: I still want to see more from DC! Were the critics unfair to the movie? Maybe. Y'see, DC fumbled right out of the gate by allowing Snyder to deconstruct these heroes without properly building them up first. You can't destroy something if its not built first, right?

Wonder Woman will have a great deal of pressure upon its release next June -- and I'm not talking about all the firsts from a woman's perspective, but simply keeping people interested in Justice League. So, let's just put our faith in Geoff Johns, and hope... yeah, let's just hope!

*Geoff Johns is president of DC Entertainment (and a lot more). This move was made after Batman v Superman.


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