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With three movies in, DC comics has leaped forward to create its own connected universe. Man Of Steel started a journey that fans are hoping will lead somewhere spectacular. Though Batman v Superman was not that as much a success as expected, Suicide Squad appears to be everything fans were excited for. DC comics has overwhelming potential and can alter the superhero movie industry if the right kind of effort is put into it. Following are the six key reasons behind my argument.

6. Most Famous Characters

When you hear the word superhero, most likely Batman or Superman first come to mind. This is because they are some of the most iconic superheroes of all time. Batman has appeared in nine, whereas Superman has appeared in eight live-action feature films to date. Several other characters like Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and the Flash are extremely well-known too. DC has achieved quite a few milestones with CW’s Flash, Arrow and Supergirl TV series as well. Fans are now hastily awaiting to see the Justice League get together in its first ever live-action film.

5. Great Villains

If a studio is great at making villains, it’s DC. We have mostly encountered awesome DC villains, especially from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. Viewers are still dazzled by Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight; however, other antagonists like Zod, Bane and Two-Face were mesmerizing to watch as well. Ledger’s Joker is No. 1 on IMDb’s Top 20 Villain Characters of Hollywood list.

The baddies of DC like the Riddler, Deathstroke and numerous others have a flair of originality and can add beneficially to the DCEU if portrayed correctly. I think the Suicide Squad bad guys were well done too. Jared Leto has taken on a Joker’s personality that is similar to that in the comics, whereas Margot Robbie nails it as Harleen Quinzel as well.

4. True To Comic Books

DC films have been pretty true to comic books and even have had some scenes included straight from the comics. It seems that same is the case for the extended universe, which is pretty great for the comic book fans.

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3. A Different Way Of Presenting Superhero Movies

The debate of Marvel movies being too light, whereas DC movies being too gritty has been going on since the birth of the MCU. Personally, I think it’s great that both studios have a different perspective on the same genre. DC has taken on a slightly more realistic and plucky approach to it.

2. Comic-Con Trailers

There’s no doubt that DC stole the show at the San Diego Comic-Con 2016 when it comes to its extended universe. The epic triad of trailers including that of Wonder Woman, Justice League and Suicide Squad left fans exultant.

1. Growth Of Superhero Genre

I don't think these movies are going to end any time soon and this is partly due to the increasing popularity of the superhero genre. Around 30 superhero movies are to be released in the next five years. People have gained interest in them more than ever as every studio explores different genres in them. It's true that this rise in interest is mostly due to some very successful superhero movies in the past decade and this has lead to the demand for more.

These are the major reasons that DCEU will be pretty successful in my view in my view.

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