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The Marvel Cinematic Universe will be adding a new hero to its impressive roster come 2018 in the form of Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel. During this year's San Diego Comic-Con, after moths of rumors and speculation, Brie Larson was finally confirmed as the Kree-powered character.

Given that Captain Marvel will be the first female-centric film in the MCU, there's a lot riding on the Academy Award-winning actress' performance. Fans (like myself) who have been waiting for a live-action adaptation of this amazing character for years are eagerly expecting an accurate portrayal of the superheroine.

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

Fortunately, Ms. Larson (See what I did there?), being the amazing and dedicated actress she is, is already doing research for the role. Today, she shared a picture through her official Twitter account with the caption "LARSON INDUSTRIES R&D DEPT." In it, the actress is reading Vol. 4 of Captain Marvel dressed in an appropriately designed hoodie:

While it's really exciting to get a glimpse at what Larson could look like in the famous costume, what intrigues me the most is the reading material she showcases in the picture: Captain Marvel Volume 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More.

What Is It About?

The story follows an emotionally-broken and lost Carol Danvers who is picked up by Tony Stark when he offers her the opportunity to be a space Avenger. She, of course, accepts the offer, leading her to crazy adventures as part of the Galactic Alliance, alongside her cat, appropriately named "Chewie."

The thing to note, however, is that Tony Stark is not the only MCU-relevant character to appear in the storyline. Her space voyage leads her to cross paths with the "bunch of a-holes" themselves, the Guardians of the Galaxy. Part of the storyline even gave special focus to Carol's relationship with Peter Quill, a.k.a Star-Lord.

What Could This Storyline Mean For Captain Marvel?

While the Twitter picture may seem innocent enough, could Brie Larson be hinting at which storyline Marvel is taking inspiration from for Captain Marvel? Could this storyline be the basis for the movie?

As mentioned above, the comic book plot shows Captain Marvel as an established and tired hero, looking for something to do with her life. What if Larson having that storyline as research means her solo film won't be the usual origin story but instead a follow-up to the life of one of the most powerful superheroes years into her crime-fighting career?

Given the Kree's established history in the MCU through Guardians of the Galaxy and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. it wouldn't be hard for Marvel to state that Carol Danvers has been floating around Earth for some time as a superhero or be hard for us to believe it. This could also open the door to hints of her past as Ms. Marvel.

If that's indeed the case, keep in mind Marvel's usually loosely-based comic book-to-film adaptations. With that precedent, it's reasonable to assume that the original storyline won't be followed to the letter.

However, the comic book premise of exploring what a superhero who possesses enormous power can become after years of fighting makes it a great candidate to have an entire movie based around it. One that surely, Marvel would be willing to adapt into a big-screen adventure. As for the characters, given the MCU's interconnected state and the new Marvel trend of at least two superheroes appearing in a solo film, it's not farfetched to expect at least a Tony Stark or Guardians of the Galaxy cameo role - as small or big as it may be - in Captain Marvel.

Even better, there's another possibility that this potential plot opens the door to: Taking into consideration the possibility of Carol Danvers being presented as a seasoned superhero, her solo film being almost three years away and Kevin Feige's cryptic response to the question of whether she would appear in Avengers: Infinity War, could we indeed witness her MCU introduction in the third Avengers film?

The MCU assembled
The MCU assembled

Could I also be simply reading too much into a picture an actress posted of herself doing research for one of the most highly-anticipated comic book adaptations to date? Absolutely. Still, small details like this could ultimately be thin-veiled hints for what's come, and even if they're not...what's wrong with speculating? By the way, I don't know about you, but seeing Brie Larson wearing a Captain Marvel hoodie makes me think that March 8, 2019 can't come soon enough.

Do you think Captain Marvel will be an adaptation of the 2014-2015 comic book storyline?


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