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After getting our first look at our new cinematic Joker I think it's time to talk about all of the wonderful possibilities! I understand some do not care for this new interpretation of the character and that's too bad, because we are going to be seeing this Joker for quite some time. Personally I greatly enjoyed this new version and look forward to seeing him again. In the only short amount of time Joker was on screen he was able to demonstrate just how crazy he is in the DCEU. Every fan should be excited for what comes next with this Joker.

We have all heard about Jared Leto's on set antics and I believe they definitely paid off! Leto has given us a Joker that encompasses everything we need in a live action Joker. He brings Nicholson's twisted sense of murderous humor and combines with the anarchistic destruction that Ledger's Joker was able to accomplish. One can get the sense of this just by looking at the image at the top. The Joker, manically laughing, whilst shooting a gold AK-47...come on, that's perfect. Okay now to the real reason for writing this article. With this new Joker comes a plethora of wonderful stories that can be told. That plethora becomes even greater when you add in the Harley Quinn factor! These stories can either be told in movies that take place in the present or even the past, but that is a beauty with comic book movies. Some stories can be based on story arcs that have actually been done, and new ones can be created, and new ones should be created. However, even when creating new stories they always need to be kept rooted in the comics. So let's take a look at a few story possibilities!

1. Death in the Family

This has to be one of the most popular choices to do considering the Jason Todd Robin suit hanging in the Batcave! Thanks to Suicide Squad we also know that Harley Quinn definitely involved in the killing of Robin. Yes, this is not how the original story goes, but one can admit it would add an extra bit of drama to the whole situation. Perhaps Harley tried to stop Joker from doing it? Maybe Harley is the one who pushed Joker to do it in the first place! Imagine a bit of the Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker thrown in there. In that story Tim Drake is taken by the Joker, but he is aided by Harley. Story wise Harley was trying to show a twisted sense of love toward Tim. No matter how the story is done, having Harley involved will greatly add to the directions the story could go. I know personally, I would love to see this story come to life. Really it would not even have to be it's own movie, they could do an entire Red Hood story and intertwine the death and return of Jason Todd into one movie (Yes, like the animated movie.) Like many fans, as long as we see Joker beating Jason with a crowbar, I do not think I would care exactly how they would interpret the story.

Just imagine Leto, with Robbie egging him on!
Just imagine Leto, with Robbie egging him on!

2. Mad Love

Although Harley and Joker have already been together for quite some time, this story could still be done, with only having to change it slightly. This story very much revolves around the relationship of Harley and Joker, which after having seen Suicide Squad seems to be very alive as of right now. Perhaps in the movie we see their relationship hit a rough patch and Harley desperately wants Joker to lover her again. What better way than to kill Batman! This could also work well because again you can treat Batman as a secondary character, while having Joker and Harley as the leads. We all saw how great Margot Robbie was, and Leto wants more Joker time, so this would be a perfect way of achieving it. As with every movie interpretation the story can be changed to fit the needs of what the studio wants to happen. Plus this would let us see the abusive part of their relationship that everyone has always loved seeing in the animated series and in the comics. For good measure this story idea gets two pictures!

They would have to keep the fish
They would have to keep the fish

3. The Joker's Five-Way Revenge

This is considered one of the greatest Joker stories ever created and definitely deserves a chance at the big screen. Let me start off by saying changes of course would have to be made of course. For more info on the real story click here. The premise of the story is Joker is back in Gotham and taking revenge on his former gang members. This story was one of the first modern Joker stories which finally gave us the sense that he has no regard for human life, even his own men. There's also a fun part where he has a run in with Batman but decides to not kill him thinking that it was only luck and not his skill that let him get the drop on Batman. This would allow for a nice little fight scene, which would definitely be more a fight than we have seen the Joker put up before. Leto's version of the Joker also has the body build to really take on the Batman giving us a battle we have been waiting to see on the big screen. I am not saying the story could be done panel for panel, but I could definitely imagine a movie loosely based on the concept of the story. If you've been wanting to read more Joker story arcs I would add this to your list, Detective Comics #251. Just look at the panel below. Just look and imagine Leto's Joker with his foot on Affleck's Batman's neck!

So there you have it, a few Joker stories that would make awesome movies! These are only three stories that could show off this new Joker. Let me know what stories you think would work on the big screen and what you think Leto could do to improve his Joker! I am very excited to see what Geoff Johns has planned moving forward for the DCEU, and I eagerly await another look at Leto's Joker. Thanks for reading, now go out and see Suicide Squad and support WB and their movies! If you have already seen it, go see it again, it's worth it!


What Joker story do you think would work best?


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