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After yesterday's announcement that The Crazies' Breck Eisner would be helming the new Friday the 13th reboot, it feels only natural to speculate about the directorial status of another do-over of a horror classic: Blumhouse's upcoming Halloween remake. While fans worldwide were ecstatic to hear that original Halloween director John Carpenter would at long last be returning to the franchise as an executive producer, the hastily released announcement that Oculus' Mike Flanagan would be taking over the director's chair turned some heads in the wrong direction. However, Flanagan recently stated that he, in fact, would not be taking the gig. All this then begs the question: Who will?! As a lifelong Halloween devotee, I put together the following list of directors who I feel would be worthy of bringing Michael Myers back to the big screen:

David Robert Mitchell (It Follows)

Robert Mitchell's splashy horror debut It Follows was already a fairly blatant '80s horror homage, what with its synth-y score and panoramic cinematography. Plus, the young filmmaker really has a knack for creating quiet, slow-burn dread — an absolute must for any true Halloween flick.

The Duffer Brothers (Stranger Things)

Speaking of '80s homages and synth music, Netflix's smash hit Stranger Things just put directorial duo The Duffer Brothers on the map on a big way. Since they directly reference another John Carpenter movie (The Thing) as one of their biggest inspirations, why not move onto interpreting his true masterpiece next?

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Adam Wingard (The Guest)

Though Wingard's most famous horror picture is arguably 2011's You're Next, his most taut, evocative movie is probably 2014's under-seen slasher The Guest. With a great eye for staging and a gift for directing teenage actors, this rising star could be an optimal choice to take audiences back to Haddonfield.

Alexandre Aja (Haute Tension)

Aja may have revitalized the slasher genre with his twisty 2003 cult classic Haute Tension), but in recent years he's hit something of a creative slump with forgettable films such as Mirrors and The Pyramid. What better way to stage a comeback than to return to his roots by tackling the big daddy of all slasher movies?

John F*cking Carpenter!

Let's be honest guys: This is the right answer. Never mind the fact that the seasoned legend hasn't made a good movie in well over a decade, we all want — no, need — him to return to the franchise that he created for one last triumphant hurrah! Granted this will probably happen, but a fanboy can dream, right?

Well, that about does it for my picks, but I encourage all you Halloween fanatics out there contribute in the comments and let the world know your selections!

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