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Summer in New York City is full of free events. There is everything from street festivals, movies in the park, museum visits and basically anything else under the sun. Having partaken in most of these events, I can say with confidence that Hulu's Summer Road Trip was the most fun I've had at a free New York event to date.

In case you missed the memo, Hulu has traveled to various cities across the country, showing iconic movies and TV episodes that had been filmed in that particular town. There are so many unforgettable movies and TV shows filmed in NYC that it would be impossible to count, but there will always be one that will take the crown: Seinfeld. And let me tell you, it was a real kick!

Have you ever seen Elaine dance?
Have you ever seen Elaine dance?

Speaking of kick, the event started off with an Elaine dance off which, as George Costanza would say, was "more like a full-body dry heave set to music," but in the best way possible. The contestants, the audience, and myself were loving every second of it. Following the dance off was the look-alike contest which, to be completely honest, was far too on point for a free event. I would have definitely paid money to see that. The contest offered a whopping five Elaine impersonators, one George, one Jerry and one Kramer. All of them did such a fantastic job, it was like watching a live version of the show, complete with “Jerry” wrapping things up with stand-up comedy. Other than the performances, there were giveaways, frolf, a.k.a frisbee golf, and photo ops (in true honor of the episode “The Package.”)

"So, has the summer of George begun? Or are you still decomposing?"
"So, has the summer of George begun? Or are you still decomposing?"

After all that fun started to wind down, everyone got cozy on the lawn to watch the premiere of the Hulu documentary They’re Real & They’re Spectacular: Seinfeld Super Fans & the Summer of George, followed by "The Bizarro Jerry," "The Little Kicks" and "The Summer of George." Families, couples and super fans laughed the night away, watching these episodes with the gorgeous New York City skyline as the backdrop. For a Seinfeld fan, it could not have been more perfect.


With all of that said, would you love to see Hulu's Summer Road Trip come to your city?


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