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When we left Iris West at the end of Season 2, she believed she had a chance for a future with Barry. Before he left, she assured him that she would wait for him just as he'd waited for her to get to a point where she could admit her feelings for him.

Little did she know Barry's grief would take him down a path that would rock both of their foundations. Flashpoint creates a new dynamic for her and Barry, and it might take a while for these heroes to find their way back to friendship much less anything else. Here's what we know so far:

Iris And Barry Are Barely Acquaintances At The Start Of The Season

There is reason to believe that Iris and Barry's relationship will continue in Season 3 after Flashpoint, but they may be a few episodes down the road as at San Diego Comic-Con, Grant Gustin let fans know that things aren't as they were in Season 2 between the couple:

"Iris and Barry went to school together, they're also barely acquaintances. But Barry also remembers that conversation on the porch did take place, and he's going to try and force those relationships to happen."

I'm really looking forward to the interaction between these two now that they won't be as close. It should make for some interesting television with Barry wanting what he's missing. When asked how much her and Barry's relationship has changed in Flashpoint, Candace Patton had this to say:

“It’s changed a lot. It’s changed a lot because having not grown up together it’s a different dynamic. They will find each other in Flashpoint. You will see them interacting, but it’s very different.

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Iris And Barry Have Even More Scenes Together

Whether it's a result of Flashpoint alone or the writers' encouragement to the fans, Candace Patton and Grant Gustin will have a large amount of screen time together as Candace Patton mentioned at this year's Comic-Con:

"I have a lot more screen time with Grant, which is really great."

Of course it won't be the same as what we're used to, but neither were the Earth-Two scenes, and they were some of the best "different" interactions of the season!

Speaking with the Collider, Candace added another teaser for fans:

“Some of the stuff Grant and I have been shooting has been some of my favorite stuff, lots of really great banter and interaction. There’s one scene that happens that I smile when I think back [to it]. It’s one of the best times I’ve had so far. I think fans will really enjoy the Barry-Iris dynamic. It’s very good. So cute. It’s so cute.”

Flashpoint Will Leave Lasting Scars

Barry threw a major loop into The Flash timeline when he saved his mother's life. Most of us know that decisions we make always have consequences. Grant Gustin indicated the same when he talked to at Comic-Con:

“Flashpoint does not last all season long. But there are permanent ramifications.”

Could the permanent ramifications have anything to do with his relationship with Iris? There are bound to be some trust issues when everyone realizes what Barry has done, and let's face it, no one would like the idea that one person has the ability to change their entire life. So I'm guessing there will be some anger brewing beneath the surface.

This Could Be A Brand New Start

Perhaps Flashpoint could offer the couple a chance at building a relationship from the ground up. They could learn about one another in new ways, much like couples just starting out. Candace Patton indicated they might be trying to establish an actual relationship.

“I think we’re finally going to see them try and have a relationship work and hopefully it’s a healthy and happy thing. [It's] really fun.”

So there we have it. A couple that started, stopped, and will start again, but will it all blow up in Barry's face when the team learns of the choice he made?

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