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Hi! Welcome to Part 2 of my feature on the Rugrats episodes you just need to watch, in honor of the show's 25th Anniversary. You can read Part 1 here.

This article will cover episodes from Seasons 3 through 5. Hang on to your diapies, Rugrats fans!

Season 3

1. 'Cool Hand Angelica'

Angelica is surprised when she finds herself struggling to fit in at Susie's Day Camp.

Watch It Because: One of the first episodes to show a more sympathetic side to Angelica.

Fun Fact: It is widely known that Arlene Klasky, one of the creators of Rugrats, did not like Angelica in the early episodes, thinking her too much of a bully. "Cool Hand Angelica" was likely an attempt to soften the character. Klasky had warmed to Angelica by the time The Rugrats Movie was produced.

2. 'Grandpa Moves Out'

Feeling under appreciated, Grandpa Lou moves to Flushing Waters, a seemingly luxurious retirement home. While visiting, Tommy and Angelica cause chaos in their efforts to wake up all the "tired" people.

Watch It Because: A rare episode in which Tommy and Angelica are united in their goal.

Look Out For: Roberto Mazlatan, The Flushing Waters spokesman, is a parody of actor Ricardo Montalban.

3. 'The Stork'

After being informed by Angelica that new babies are delivered by a Stork, Tommy mistakenly believes that a bird's egg he finds is his new baby brother, naming him Milton.

Watch It Because: The series of humorous misadventures the babies get into while caring for Milton make this a must watch.

Foreshadowing?: While Milton is, of course, not Tommy's baby brother, Tommy later gains a real baby brother, Dil, in The Rugrats Movie.

4. 'Angelica Breaks A Leg'

Wanting more attention during a week's stay at her Aunt and Uncle's House, Angelica feigns a broken leg.

Watch It Because: The classic scene of Stu making pudding for Angelica at 4:00am. It has inspired many memes, and Youtube Poops.

Look Out For: The young Doctor treating Angelica, Dr. Hooser, is an obvious parody of Doogie Howser, M.D.

5. 'The Last Babysitter'

While Stu, Didi, Randy, and Lucy attend the Dummi Bears Rock Opera, Susie's teenage sister Alisa is left to babysit. But once the adults depart, strange things begin to happen.

Watch It Because: The three older Carmichael siblings receive more character development in this episode.

Look Out For: Tommy's voice actress, E.G. Daily, also voices Susie in this episode, as Susie's regular voice actress, Cree Summer, was not available. Kath Soucie, the regular voice actress for Phil and Lil, voiced Buster and Alisa.

6. 'Reptar 2010'

After the videotape they were watching breaks, the Rugrats imagine their own endings to the movie.

Watch It Because: Another classic Reptar episode.

Fun Fact: The babies' Reptar forms were used for the Reptar Rally stage of the Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt game for Nintendo 64.

7. 'The Mysterious Mr. Friend'

The babies do everything they can to rid themselves of Stu's creepy new invention, Mr. Friend.

Watch It Because: A fun parody of scary movies.

Fun Fact: Mr. Friend appears as an enemy in the Playstation game Rugrats: Search For Reptar, in the level named after this episode.

8. 'The Blizzard'

After a blizzard, the babies attempt a journey to the North Pole so Santa can fix Chuckie's toy firetruck.

Watch it Because: A fun, Christmas-themed adventure.

9. 'Naked Tommy'

Tommy wants to be nakie and free like his dog, Spike. Stu, fearing embarrassment if Tommy were to strip at an awards ceremony honoring Grandpa Lou, goes to desperate measures to keep his clothes on.

Watch It Because: This episode contains a lot of humor.

Memorable Quote:

"Nakie is good. Nakie is Free. Nakie is...Nakie!" — Tommy Pickles.

10. 'Chuckie's Wonderful Life'

After a mistake causes his Father's favorite CD to go missing, Chuckie plans to run away, thinking everyone would be better off without him. Thankfully, his guardian angel arrives to show him why this would be a bad idea.

Watch It Because: A Rugrats Classic.

11. 'The Mega Diaper Babies'

The babies become Superheroes to rescue their Mega Hyper Heroes action figures from Angelica.

Watch It because: A fun superhero parody.

12. 'Passover'

After everyone becomes trapped in the attic of the Kropotkin House, Grandpa Boris tells them the story of Passover.

Watch It Because: A fun, educational special.

Fun Fact: "Passover" was originally the final episode of Rugrats, and the only episode to air in 1995. The "Chanukuh" special aired late 1996, with the series resuming production soon after, due to Rugrats repeats getting higher ratings than anything else on Nickelodeon.

Season 4

13. 'Mother's Day'

Chuckie feels left out when the other babies are making Mother's Day presents. When he discovers an old photograph of his Mother, Melinda, Chas decides it is time to tell Chuckie the truth about what happened to her.

Watch It Because: We learn the fate of Chuckie's Mother. You will need tissues.

Fun Fact: Actress Kim Catrall voiced Melinda Finster.

14. 'The 'Lympics'

Angelica finds a new rival in Timmy McNulty, the Grandson of one of Grandpa's former rivals. Lead by Angelica, the babies face off against Timmy and his Brothers in a Baby Olympics.

Watch It Because: A fun episode.

Fun Fact: Tara Strong, who voices Timmy McNulty in this episode, later joined the main cast as Tommy's baby brother, Dil.

15. 'Angelica Orders Out'

The children are left in Grandpa's care, under strict instructions to not feed them junk food. When Grandpa inevitably falls asleep, Angelica uses Stu's new voice changing invention, which makes her sound like her mother, Charlotte, to place a large order for desert from Zippy Snappy Home Delivery.

Watch It Because: A good one for a laugh. It also continues the small recurring storyline this season of the adults trying to look after the kid's teeth.

Look Out For: Larry, in a rare appearance without Steve, working at Zippy Snappy Home Delivery.

Season 5

16. 'Lady Luck'

When Grandpa Lou takes the babies along to his weekly Bingo game at the local Senior's Center, they cause chaos in their attempts to find his missing "friend" Lady Luck.

Watch Because: There are quite a few laughs to be had as the babies disrupt various senior activities.

In Memoriam: This is David Doyle's final appearance as the voice of Grandpa Lou, as he passed away in 1997.

17. 'Word Of The Day'

All Angelica needs to do to win a role on her favorite TV Show, "Miss Carol's Happy House," is to correctly say the Word Of The Day on camera. She overhears what she believes is the real word from a grumpy Miss Carol, only to discover that it is a "bad" word.

Watch It Because: A wonderfully funny episode, and probably even funnier to re-watch as an adult.

Look Out For: Vicki Lewis, who voiced the foul-mouthed Miss Carol, later returns in the role of Miss Weemer, Angelica and Susie's kindergarten teacher.

18. 'The First Cut'

After rescuing some baby birds in the park, Tommy gets his first cut, frightened by the blood that comes out of it. Angelica makes matters worse when she tells him that all his blood will come out, causing him to shrivel up, if he removes his band-aid.

Watch It Because: The heartwarming ending, where Chuckie, absent for most of the episode, gets a rare opportunity to save the day.

19. 'Where's Grandpa?'

When Stu and Didi accidentally leave Grandpa Lou behind at a gas station on the latest Pickles family road trip, Tommy and Chuckie try to delay their progress in the hope that Grandpa will catch up.

Watch It Because: The humorous situations that arise when Grandpa believes that he may have illegally crossed the border into Canada.

Bad Grandpa: This is not the first time Grandpa Lou has been left behind on a family trip. In the Season 2 episode "Family Reunion," he "accidentally" forgets to get off the train with everyone else, taking an impromptu trip to Chicago in lieu of attending the Pickles family reunion.

20. 'The Wild, Wild West'

The babies take on the persona of classic Western characters on a mission to retrieve stolen ice cream coupons from Angelica.

Watch It Because: A fun Western parody.

Fun Fact: This is the first episode in which Susie is present for one of Grandpa's stories.

21. 'The Family Tree'

While Stu and Didi go on a cruise for their anniversary, Tommy spends a week at Chuckie's House. Chuckie's Grandparents, Shirley and Marvin, are also staying, to help Chas with the Finster Family tree that he is working on.

Meanwhile, on the boat, Didi becomes seasick.

Watch Because: This episode directly leads into the events of The Rugrats Movie.

Look Out For: The first of two appearances by Chuckie's Grandparents, Shirley and Marvin.

What was your favorite episode from these three seasons of Rugrats?


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