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It's been a solid four years since Hugh Laurie waved a fine farewell to the medical field following his eight-season stint on Fox's highly acclaimed TV series House, M.D. Yet, just when you might have thought that 2012 was the last you'd see of the dry-humored, pill-popping, misanthropic medical genius Gregory House, it appears that he's back again — or rather, Hugh Laurie is back in his white doctor's coat once more.

Indeed, the British actor is firmly trying his hardest at saving lives again in Hulu's upcoming series Chance, which sees him step into the shoes of a San Francisco neuropsychiatrist. Watch the trailer for the 10-episode psychological thriller right here, which sees Laurie swapping diagnostics for forensics neuropsychiatry:

“I will not accept that this problem cannot be solved.” Yep folks, that Laurie American-drawl is finally back.

And although we can’t wait to see him in action in epic doc form, there’s no denying that his upcoming Hulu Nation appearance seems to be comparatively mild-mannered to that of Dr. House.

That’s not to say that this new character’s backstory isn’t as turbulent though! In this adaptation of Kem Nunn's best-selling novel, the story tracks a forensic neuropsychiatrist who gets sucked into a dangerous world of violence, police corruption and mental illness when he treats an abused wife of an Oakland homicide detective. As to Chance's vibe, Laurie has this to say:

“[Chance] has a sort of noir-ish feeling to it but it also feels very, very contemporary.”

See also:

The project, which has already been signed up for two seasons (20 episodes in total) on Hulu, will be the next big thing from the Oscar-nominated director of 2015’s Room. As for Laurie himself, the actor has been keeping himself very busy since the curtain closed on House, M.D., plunging himself into two particularly notable roles in his break from being the badass in medicine.

Hugh Laurie stars in 'The Night Manager'
Hugh Laurie stars in 'The Night Manager'

In particular, in recent years following House, M. D., he starred in crime drama The Night Manager, portraying a ruthless arms dealer, Richard Onslow Roper. This AMC mini-series sees our favorite sarcastic diagnostician as the villain with fellow Brit Tom Hiddleston trying to infiltrate his vast crime circle. Recently talking about his participation in this modern take on John le Carré’s novel of the same name, Laurie spoke about playing the bad guy in such a tense storyline, saying:

“I’ve been preparing since I was a young boy for being bad and I’ve done a lot of background work and I am profoundly bad. Villainy serves a purpose in all good storytelling. It’s a very well-trodden path, in all kinds of stories, so when I was offered the chance to play [his character] there was no way I could possibly pass it up.”

Once again, The Night Manager saw Laurie bring another complex character to our small screens. This time though, here was a man on the wrong side of the spectrum of good and bad.

Hugh Laurie as Tom James
Hugh Laurie as Tom James

Then, ahead of his return to the medical field most recently, Laurie starred as political charmer Tom James in Veep — a far cry from his grouchy House persona. And following its 2012 premiere, the political satire has continued to garner quite the following, with the show attracting critical acclaim and winning major awards right, left and center amidst the intense political storm ravaging the US right now.

And now, looking forward to what's up next for Laurie — are you excited to see him renew his doctor’s license for Hulu?

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