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***Warning: Spoilers. This article discusses Suicide Squad in detail so don't read it if you don't already know what happens***

When it was announced that Suicide Squad would have a PG-13 rating, fans were divided. Some felt an R-Rating would have given the movie more creative freedom to express the darkness and moral ambiguity of the comics, while some felt that fewer swears and gore would be better for the younger members of the ever-growing superhero fan club.

Still, several fairly brutal scenes found their way past the censors in the Suicide Squad theatrical cut, proving yet again that PG-13 movies can still pack a punch. Check out 6 of the most brutal scenes in Suicide Squad (if you're not afraid of spoilers).

6. Slipknot: Warning Shot

When they were placed under Rick Flagg's care, the Squad were told that they had explosive devices implanted in their necks, which would be deployed if they ran from duty. Still, we didn't necessarily think these would seriously be used... Slipknot's swift, explosive demise proved otherwise. This was our first real 'Don't fuck with Waller' moment.

5. Deadshot's Darkness

Deadshot is possibly the most relatable character on the Suicide Squad, being as he is a doting dad... and not insane. For this reason, peeking inside his heart and seeing what he really wanted was a little shocking. When Enchantress went full Mirror of Erised and flooded the Squad with visions of their deepest desires, they all wished for good, peaceful things. Harley and Diablo wanted their family together, Flagg wanted to be with June, but all Deadshot longed for was to kill Batman. Pretty dark, bro.

4. The Nameless Martyr

Incubus smashes shit up in Suicide Squad
Incubus smashes shit up in Suicide Squad

Diablo's sacrifice was a vaunted, heroic occasion with swelling music and an appropriate level of grandeur. Not so for the random SEAL diver who placed and deployed the explosive device that brought down Enchantress's rampaging brother. RIP, random heroic guy.

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3. Bang Bang Feuer Frei

Diablo thinks on the sins of his past in Suicide Squad
Diablo thinks on the sins of his past in Suicide Squad

Diablo was clearly a man with a past right from the off, but his guilt-ridden flashback in which his family tragedy unfolds shed light on the extent of the brutal event. Even the 'bad guys' of the Suicide Squad recoiled as Diablo confessed to his incendiary domestic violence that left his wife and children dead and burned.

2. Harleen Quinzel v Arkham Asylum

Harley and Mr J are the opposite of RelationshipGoals in Suicide Squad
Harley and Mr J are the opposite of RelationshipGoals in Suicide Squad

She was on her way to becoming the deranged Harley Quinn of the Suicide Squad, but Dr Quinzel was still half-sane when she was held down by a gang of escaped asylum patients and viciously tortured by The Joker. Their gross abusive relationship is pretty chilling — an importantly preserved element of the comics, and probably the aspect of Suicide Squad most inhibited by the PG-13 rating.

1. Clearance is a Bitch

In a movie that supposedly frustrates black-and-white moral codes by making you side with the 'bad guys', the only truly shocking example of someone you thought was a goodie doing something terrible came from Amanda Waller, when the ruthless official gunned down four of her own employees simply for seeing too much for their pay grade. Sure, they ''didn't have the clearance,'' but that was ice-cold, and felt like a taste of the R-Rated Suicide Squad content we could have seen.

BONUS: Suicide Squad Deleted Scenes

Several dark moments were actually cut from the Suicide Squad theatrical release. Check out this Joker-licious supercut of the Mr J's deleted Suicide Squad scenes.

What do you think was the most brutal moment in the Suicide Squad movie?

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