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I'm a Fan Theorist. I give ridiculous predictions for movies and TV shows. I'd like to call them "Ridictable Theories"!
Rand Benjamin Einfeldt

I now have a new TV Show that I love! Stranger Things is a mixture of; The Goonies, It, Monster Squad, E.T., Carrie, Poltergeist and The Thing all rolled into one! That's a lot of movies!

After watching a particular episode of Stranger Things, it got me thinking about what the monster reminds me of. Then it was clear! It was Slenderman! And here are my 5 reasons why. Fair warning, possible spoilers ahead.

1. The Man Without a Face

The monster is always described as not having a face. As we know from Slenderman, he has no face. Granted that the monster's face opens up like a flower, but what if this is the early stage of his evolved form. Maybe the monster is trying to look human, but can't quite get the face right because it technically doesn't have what you would call a face.

2. Things Getting Fuzzy

The monster somehow has a connection with electricity or an electrical current. In the Slenderman game app, whenever it get's close to you it becomes all static. In the TV Show the lights flicker when the mom tries to communicate with Will.

When Jonathon was taking the last picture from his camera, something goes wrong. He is not able to take a clear picture of the creature. It isn't until he blows up the picture that he is able to get an idea what the monster looks like.

3. Think of the Children

The monsters seems to be drawn to blood when it wants to feed, but it looks like it focuses on children to harvest. Harvest for what I wonder? Maybe that will be answered in season 2, only time will tell.

4. The Original Concept Art

As you can see from the original concept art, the monster bares a striking resemblance to Slenderman, minus the suit and tie of course and I'm better the spikes on the shoulders are where the tentacles are going to be. The creature does have pale white skin I think the monster is at an earlier stage in it's development, meaning the tentacles will come later.

5. Men in Black

Not to be confused with the 1997 movie Men in Black. The Men in Black that I'm talking about are men in black suits who happen to only be around when strange things occur. These Men in Black date back to the 60's and continued appearing through the earlier 80's. The show is taking place in 1983. It's possible that monster will look to that as inspiration to try to fit in with the alternate world, thus becoming the monster known as Slenderman!


What do you think, is the monster going to evolve into Slenderman?


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