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Like many adults of a certain age, I both cringed and cheered when the trailer for the Ghostbuster reboot was announced months ago. As a member of the “made in the 80’s” generation, I treasure the original Ghostbusters. It was everything an audience member would want in a comedy, with the extra perk of horror to make it stand out. The question is, for those who have not seen the film, does this film ruin my childhood memories? The answer is no, and I’m going to tell you why.

1. It’s funny.

Director Paul Feig and co-screenwriter Kate Dippold strike the perfect balance in between comedy and horror. Similar to the original film, the comedy comes from the incredulity of the the scenario and how the characters must be creative in well, ghost busting.

2. The four lead actresses on top of the comedy game.

Melissa McCarthy is one of the queens of comedy these days. Kristen Wiig is a Saturday Night Live Alumni. Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are part of the current cast of Saturday Night Live. Need I say more?

3. The gender swap actually works!

This movie once more proves that female characters can both carry a film and not rely on the traditional narrative and/or happy ending. We need more films like these in theaters. Like it's predecessor, Bridesmaids, the comedy and the fully formed female characters are more than enough to draw in audiences and certify the film as a hit.

4. The balance between practical effects and CGI

There is the wrong way and the right way to use special effects. The wrong way is to use special effects and CGI to fill in the plot holes and make the audience forget that the element that is sometimes is missing is the narrative. The right way is to enhance the screenplay and the work of the actors. Thankfully, the special effects were used in the right way. Using a combination of live actors, practical effects and CGI, the special effects enhances the film.

5. It pays homage to the original film.

Writing the screenplay of a film is a hard task. What is harder is when the film you are writing is the reboot of a cherished classic. The screenwriters smartly payed tribute to their film's predecessor when it was appropriate, but did not do a word for word copy of the 1984 film.

6. The cameos from the cast from the original film.

Nothing says reboot like the cameos. While the kids in the audience might not have recognized the actors from the original film, the adults certainly did. The cameos were brief, I could still hear the whisper in the audience from the adults who recognized the actors from the original film.

7. It feels like a Ghostbusters movie

While the film was shot in Boston, it still has that authentic NY feeling. While some films set in New York are filmed elsewhere (i.e. Toronto) do not have the authentic, busy feel, this film does.

If you have not seen this film already, I say go for it. It is everything a reboot should be and more. Ghostbusters is playing in theaters now!

Check out the Ghostbusters trailer now!


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