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This weekend was another big one for fans of the DCEU, with the release of the highly anticipated Suicide Squad. Much like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the film wasn't a hit with critics, but that didn't stop fans from flocking to the theaters to give it the biggest August opening weekend in box office history. The villains may reign supreme for now, but DC Films has its eyes set on the future of its heroes, and it looks like we're getting another solo adventure from its best and brightest.

According to a source for The Wrap, a proper sequel to 2013's Man of Steel is a "top priority" for Warner Brothers, and the upcoming Superman adventure is reportedly in active development.

Whether you're a fan of the DCEU or not, there's no denying that a new Superman movie is pretty exciting. But we definitely think there's room for improvement when it comes to bringing everyone's favorite Kryptonian to the big screen. With that in mind, here's what we want to see from the sequel to Man of Steel.

Superman Should Be More Positive

Batman v Superman gave us something we never thought we'd see on the big screen — Superman actually threatening to kill Batman. For many it was an awesome moment, though others would prefer it stayed in the pages of a Frank Miller comic.

We love watching Superman unload and fight bad guys. After all, he's a superhero, and we know he's inevitably going to throw down. But the hero's first reaction shouldn't be to punch his way through all his problems. Superman is the most powerful being on Earth, and should act accordingly. Comic book interpretations have bounced back and forth over the years, with Supes even earning the title of "Big Blue Boy Scout" for being a paragon of truth, justice and the American way. We don't want to see Superman be a generic do-gooder, but he shouldn't be a brooding, gloomy hero either.

Bringing Superman back from the dead post-BvS provides filmmakers the chance to reinterpret the character for the better. Supes has learned the error of his ways, and after joining Batman and Wonder Woman in battle at the film's climax has seen how they can be a positive force for change. We want to see Superman adopt a more uplifting, optimistic outlook, primed to use his powers responsibly without being swayed by the temptations they might present.

Bring Us Brainiac

Superman's rogues gallery is filled with some of the best villains in comics, though you wouldn't know that from watching the films. The Man of Steel's cinematic adventures have frequently used Lex Luthor and General Zod as antagonists, though we think there's one villain that stands above both as a true challenge for the hero — Brainiac.

Brainiac seeks to consume all knowledge. (via DC Comics)
Brainiac seeks to consume all knowledge. (via DC Comics)

For those unfamiliar, Brainiac is a super-intelligent alien android with his own set of abilities that includes flight and superhuman strength among more. What makes him really interesting character is his obsession with acquiring knowledge, a quest that's basically made him the most intelligent being in the universe. More importantly, it's brought him to shrink some of the universe's most advanced cities and to keep them bottled in his spaceship base for study. And one those cities just happens to be Kandor, the capital city of Superman's home planet Krypton.

An encounter with Brainiac would be a battle of brains versus brawn, pushing Superman to do more than just punch his way through his problems — something we've seen happen in two movies already. Moreover, the inclusion of Kandor could allow the hero to come as close to his Kryptonian heritage as we can see, in turn examining the dual identity of the human Clark Kent and the Kryptonian Superman.

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A Proper Plot For Lois Lane

Lois Lane has been a part of the Superman mythos since the character's introduction in 1938, though few film adaptations have done her justice. Both Batman v Superman and Man of Steel gave us fairly flat interpretations of the character, and we hope to see that change in Superman's next solo outing.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane.
Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

Lois is fiercely intelligent, headstrong, and independent without being the emotionally distant workaholic you might expect from a stereotypical investigative journalist. We got a glimpse of that flavor in her previous DCEU appearances, mostly when we see her and Superman alone together, though she's consistently been relegated to the sidelines in favor of world-ending catastrophes. DCEU filmmakers have an incredible asset in Amy Adams — a five-time Oscar nominee— playing the role, though they haven't taken advantage of that yet. We want Superman's next solo adventure to put Lois Lane front and center.

We know Lois will play a role in Justice League, but don't expect it to be a key part. With that in mind, Superman's next solo outing is primed to put Lois front and center alongside the hero, helping him save the world in a way we haven't seen before.

Don't Force Ties To The DCEU

Henry Cavill's Superman look from "Man of Steel."
Henry Cavill's Superman look from "Man of Steel."

The biggest problem in BvS may have been its need to force ties to future entries in the DCEU. The conflict between Batman and Superman was frequently interrupted by elements signaling plots to come, whether that be the insane Knightmare dream sequence, Lex Luthor's video clips of the future Justice League members or other Easter Eggs, the movie kept reminding us that there was more to come. And in the end, that made the story we were actually watching seem less important.

You should be able to go into a movie without prior knowledge and enjoy it on its own merits. For all its faults, Man of Steel succeeded on that front, providing a new take on Superman's origins fans could experience without any familiarity with the character. We hope the sequel follows a similar approach, with a focus on creating a great Superman story first and continuing the overarching narrative of the DCEU second.

Ultimately, there are plenty of possibilities for Superman's next big adventure. Luckily, fans will get to see the hero on the big screen before the Man of Steel sequel, with Henry Cavill set to return to the role in 2017's Justice League.

There's no word on when the Man of Steel sequel will be released, though Warner Brothers has dates reserved on October 5, 2018 and November 1, 2019 for two untitled DC films. What do you hope to see in Superman's next solo adventure? Let us know in the comments below.

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