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Translating television shows for broadcast around the world is a common practice. However, there are times when this can cause problems — none more severe than Game Of Thrones' Hodor problem from the sixth season. The world wept at Hodor's demise — a scene that revealed Hodor's name was contracted from "Hold the door" and saw the lovable giant killed by White Walkers while protecting Bran.

International broadcasts of the show had kept the character's name as Hodor and why shouldn't they? They had no idea that his name was going to be so important later down the line. However, the "Hold the door" scene inevitably caused problems for foreign broadcasts of the show and coming up with the perfect solution was going to be tough.

In many countries, "Hold the door" sounds phonetically nothing like Hodor and as a result several countries were forced to adapt a phrase that sounded remotely similar in order for the scene to make sense. HooptyDooDooMeister posted several examples on Imgur, highlighting many of the phrases that non-English speaking countries were forced to use — phrases that remotely sounded like the origin of "Hodor." Some countries were lucky in this respect, others were not. Check out a few examples below:

As you can see, some languages were able to make it work really well — specifically French and Spanish — whereas others like Japanese and Mandarin struggled. Hodor's death scene was intensified by the revelation of the origin of Hodor's name but unfortunately the scene doesn't necessarily translate well for worldwide audiences to fully appreciate.

Hodor was a vital character on the show and if it weren't for him then Bran wouldn't have survived or made it as far as he has — Hodor not only sacrificed his life to save Bran, but by doing so it revealed the power that Bran has at his disposal — the Three Eyed Raven ability will no doubt come in handy for the wars to come. Hodor may be gone, but his impact will live on.

Check out all of HooptyDooDooMeister's "Hold the door" translations here!

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